Chun Li Movement



How do you move with Chun? I jump in way too much, usually for the j. lk crossover, and I eat a lot of anti airs because of it. So, whats the most effective way? I’m trying very hard to get used to N-groove Chun with run, but its just not happening …


did you try walking? :rolleyes:


Yeah, but I get stuffed out a lot … I’m getting a little better, using her standing fierce punch the second I get in range.

Just look at the match vid #3 of XBox Live when it comes out … and look at my match. You’ll see what I mean.


i usually walk with chun using s.MP as my main poke… i tend to jump in way too much myself (im often relying on parry to prevent anti-air attacks). if you’re going to jump in do so only when you’re sure you’ll crossup… that way you can keep yourself from getting hit by moves like the tiger uppercut


Advance using twds+Roundhouse, df.Roundhouse, twds+Forward, & walking/running with s.Strong or s.Short