Chun Li Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

Hmm, this is convenient for me. I’ll post junk in these threads now and then and eventually organize it all together and make an official FAQ out of it.

I’ll start with the more “important” moves first, then get to the lesser used ones later.

-low jab 400 +6/+6 x/o/o [2/4/7]

Going by the numbers, the only thing that stands out about this move is the 2 frame start up. Granted, having a 2 frame low jab is a huge advantage, but everything else about the move is pretty standard. It can’t even chain into other moves.

However, Chun’s whole in-close game revolves around this move. In addition to being faster than most jabs at 2 frames, it also has slightly more range and a good deal more priority than other weak moves. Having an effective close game requires making your opponent scared of this jab. Any jab hitting on counter hit leads to an easy link to a strong, which leads to the Combo Of Death.

-low strong 800 -1/-1 x/o/o [4/9/17]

This move has 3 primary uses:

  1. It links off of the low jab into the Combo o’ Death. 2 frame link though, so it’s missable (and often is).
  2. It hits low… into the Combo o’ Death.
  3. It goes under a ton of crap, effectively beating a lot of
    problem moves and can also act as a trip-guard anti-air against certain characters.

The second use is very risky, since it’s impossible to hit confirm the low strong and super if they weren’t blocking low. However, it’s nice to have both as a desperation measure and as a deterrent to your opponent. If Chun is running at her opponent, a smart player isn’t going to stick something out or keep walking backwards. They’re going to block low out of fear of a random low strong xx super. This can allow you to run in even further and get into low jab range.

The third one is the one that Chun players need to learn the most, as the ability of the low strong to go under things often dramatically changes the dynamic of a match. For example, Cammy/Sakura aren’t going to be so liberal with those roundhouses once you counter them with a low strong into super. Don’t whiff this move though, as it’s pretty easy to punish in that case.

-standing strong 800 +1/+1 x/o/o [5/8/13]

This move is basically 80% of Chun’s midrange game. It’s fast, has good range, bufferable into fireballs, and of course the Combo o’ Death. While Chun’s up close game revolves around her making the opponent scared of the low jab, her midrange game requires her to instill the fear of the standing strong on her opponent. The move is fast and has just enough range to punish most any whiff, high enough priority to beat most/trade with most things.

Other things to note:
-1 frame link from the low jab. Best not to go for the super unless the jab hit on counter hit, but still a very powerful tool. Max range jab on counter hit, link strong super is very buff.
-You don’t want to be reckless with this move, as it’s not too hard to punish the whiff since Chun’s whole hitbox moves forward.
-AFAIK, the rumor about being able to hit confirm this move is a myth. You can know when it’s going to hit from a combination of experience, knowledge and intuition, but it’s not a true hit confirm. Yes, you can buffer it slightly late, but still not late enough for those of us with normal reflexes. If you don’t believe me, set the training mode dummy to random guard and try it for yourself.

I always thought it was near impossible to hit confirm a move that leave you at +1. No wonder I could never do it.

normal attack range (from farthest to shortest):
f+MK > s.HP > s.MP > c.MK > c.HK > f+HK > s.MK > c.HP = c.LK > c.MP > s.HK > s.LK > c.LP > s.LP

(tested in training mode)

so to add to the thread, anytime you think you can punish something with a sweep, use s.MP xx kick super instead :smiley:

im sort of a newb to frame data, what exactly are the number here refering to like in this example:

standing strong 800 +1/+1 x/o/o [5/8/13]

from buk’s wonderful N-groove Iori guide :smiley:

By “hit confirm,” do you refer to poking, waiting to see if it connects, and then doing the super motion with activation button (i.e. Cammy’s standing Fierce)…


poking with the super motion, and pressing activation button if it connects (i.e. everyone else)

or am I just way off in general.

I’m glad to hear that Chun’s “crouch strong xx super only off hits,” is a rumor. I know this is completely off the topic, but what methods are players using to activate supers only off hits.

That makes no sense, Buk. I can hit confirm a short if it hits on a counter while the opponent is standing so, how is it impossible to hit-confirm a low strong? I’m pretty sure I hit-confirm low strongs often.

Then again, it’s been a month since I’ve played and then every 2 weeks prior so, maybe I just think I’ve done the strong. However, I’m 100% about hit-confirming the short on a standing character. I use it often in a particularly common match-up to land free supers. I can’t do it with lvl1, of course, iirc. lvl2 comboes from most ranges and lvl3 will hit on the counter no matter what.

I know I’m old so, I can’t be that fast. So, I’m assuming there’s a significant difference in how the low strong acts in that situation? If you could help me make sense of that.


Just buffer while watching for the hit. I do it more like your second example. When I hit the attack I’m looking to hit-confirm, I’m almost always doing the super motion(or whatever) while the move is extending. Then, I watch, while doing the motion, to see if the move is hit or blocked, and then I hit the corresponding button. If they block, I just don’t hit the button. It’s mad easy this way.

You’re right on with your definition. All it is is activating the super after you’ve hit with a cancellable normal. It’s just activating on reaction. Some moves are blatantly easier to hit-confirm than others. 3s has quite a few that give you all day to cancel. Think low mk-super with Chun in 3s. That’s a very common hit-confirm.


Thanks for the reply

I’m trying to sharpen my game to where I only activate supers off hits. Right now, I’d say I’m about 65-70% on that.

Any advice helps, especially from top players. Okay, I’ll leave this thread alone now, unless I have some Chun-li issues to discuss.

the thing is…if it isn’t a counter hit, and you hit with the tip of crouching strong, you won’t be able to combo the super unless you were canceling it right away. I guess it just depends on how fast you are but i sure have a hard time supering it on reaction :confused:

oh ya this doesn’t matter if it’s counter hit :slight_smile:

It’s probably all in how you do it. For example, I know ppl who hit-confirm Chun’s st.strong both ways. Some do the motion on reaction while others do a fireball with strong so fast that you never see them crouch, when they hit, it’s one motion+k.

You can combo the strong at the tip. If you counter a move from farther than that, of course, it won’t reach.

Maybe I can use what you’ve said to illustrate something.

Think of it as ALWAYS cancelling right away. Every time you use the strong. The only difference is that you only hit the kick button when the strong connects and makes the hit splash. You can do the same thing whether you’re hitting or not. If you’re prepared to cancel everytime, you’re going to be more consistent since you’re really only looking for a hit to press a button. Doing the motion has no downside while your strong is coming out. You might as well always buffer every time.

P.S. When hit confirming a short, it has to be a counter hit, for me. I haven’t met anyone that can hit-confirm it without a counter.


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what are the best uses for RC fireball? i couldn’t do it for the longest time, but it all clicked today and i can do it no problem. but i don’t really know when to use it, any advice?


RC Fierce FB seems like it should work as AA vs people who outprioritize your Fierce version is also completely safe if blocked.

HP kikoken 900 -7/-7

Given the frame data (from kcxj’s Chun Li quick guide post), Kikoken is not safe on block, -7 is punishable.

In addition to acting as a conditional anti-air, most RC fireballs are used against predictable pokes that outrange and out prioritize you.

Keep in mind that Chun Li has other options against common pokes. For instance, d.MP and d.LK avoids some pokes because when timed well she ducks under them. e.g., Sakura s.HK, Cammy s.HK, Soul Fist, Hadouken (and some other high fireballs).

Guess not, seemed like it. This is why I don’t play chun haha.backs out of thread slowly.

The -7 only comes into play when you do the fireball at point blank range. No smart Chun is ever going to something like that for no reason.

Chun has a 3 frame close s.HP to cancel into fireball if you’re ever that close. So for all intents and purposes, at max range, and how you should be doing it, RC hcf+HP is pretty much unpunishable.

A fireball that leaves you at only -7 is very, very good in this game. Skilled Ryu players can rape using nothing but hadouken pokes right? Well Ryu’s fastest recoverying hadouken leaves hit at -9 at the best. That in no way still doesn’t make it one of his most dominating ground moves though.

RC kikoken is very useful when fighting against Cammy. It counters her when she wants to walk up, far s.HK you. Plus, since you mostly likely counter hit her by going through her move, and you’re also at the max range you should be at, there’s nothing Cammy can do to punish you afterwards.

RC kikoken as anti-air is absolutely pointless if you ask me. Why do that when Chun has jump forward fierces, far s.MK, air throw, or walk back/under tripguard d.MP instead? Just because d.HK anti-air might not work against a certain character, doesn’t mean you have to resort to something inconsistent and risky like RC kikoken.

Thank you. I’ve been promoting this for years now and only a select few listen.

KXCJ: Run under s.rh works against all non-crossup air to grounds.