Chun LI painting I did



Sorry man, but somehow I feel your talent is wasted painting stuff like that.


Eh, let’s not judge him on what he paints. It’s his choice, and there are plenty others that have drawn more obscene shit.

As for the OP’s picture…the waist and left arm are the things that stick out the most. Her arm’s too thin, and her waist looks stretched up. The colors aren’t bad though; the lighting on her qipao and hair are good, and the shading on her skin’s good too. I can feel some level of depth in this thanks to the colors. You’ll need to work on proportions, though. Particularly hands; a lot of people have trouble with drawing good hands(myself included) so you should practice on that.


Pretty cool. I like the elongated style. Reminds of Peter Chung and a couple of Renaissance painters that I learned about in Art History.