Chun-li Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Cleaning up this here town.

Have at it.

any other threads that us chun users think should be stickied???

the fellowship thread should be imho, as thats unofficially our new spam/general chun bullshit thread.


f+MK, when do you guys use it? Have at it!

Never, it’s startup is too intimidating for me. It has deceptive range, and I would definately mix it up with hasan shu if it was also an overhead. I just don’t see the point of it with it being High/Low block… can it be linked into anything?

j,hP vs j,hK - which one has more priority and which one is better to use for air to air

Supposedly you can use that f + MK motion to start KARA throw. But as a move itself, I wouldn’t use it. If I’m going for a slow medium ranged poke, I’d rather just use b + MK and hit confirm into combo.

As for air2air priority, I would say the FPx2 is stronger. Against sagat jump ins, I found that neutral or jumping back FPx2 worked extremely well and it was too my favor. Too bad I’m not quick enough w/ her Ultra because it’d be a good time to use it.

I like j. HK for stuffs. When I manage to get a good jump in against Shotos/Guile, I throw HK, in case they try to shoryu/Flash kick. The length of her legs are gooood, so I use that extra distance.

I haven’t had much time to play SF4, but now I have a little more time, I can test out more stuff @ my university’s arcade.

Sticky the Trial Mode assistance, for sure. Helped me out a lot once I went through it.

Well my friend was discussing on how it moves Chun forward, and looking at the frame data, it’s got the same advantage on block as Ken’s step kick(f+MK) -2 and has good recovery. I’ve only done this move accidently in matches but it might be useful to bait out stuff to counterhit.

What about the close MK? The 1 that is an overhead. Does anyone mess with it? It seems to me that you would use it if your oponent wakes up & crouches alot but you would probably get punched in the mouth for that. Haven’t seen it used in any vids.

^ it sucks balls, telegraphs the overhead badly because of the first hit. plus the overheads dont do jack shit for damage, and i think its at minus frames on hit as well…

i have no idea what they were thinking when they put that move in there.


who do you guys think is the best character to second when you already main chun???

dictator is too close to her in playstyle imho so i woukld get bored quick…

i was thinking blanka… he seems to have good matchups versus some of the harder ones for chun.


Yes definitely sticky that thread.

Purely from the stand point of what screws over Chun’s bad matchups, those two seem like the best choices indeed. Personally I don’t like how either ‘feel’ (don’t hate me ^^), so I wouldn’t choose either -.-.

I use dictator sometimes as an alternate and, yeah he does get boring due to the similarity in play styles. I’ve been thinking about seriously seconding Akuma lately.

Blanka seems like he’d work well - I get pissed at Blanka because I win most of the matches I’ve fought with him, using nothing but crap I picked up in HDR, whereas my Chun game had to be reinvented. I play Cammy in every game she’s in, but she has a tendency to get her ass whooped in SF4 - still, she’s my current number 2, since the others I was hoping wouldn’t be trash (really disappointed with Shamwow) didn’t pan out…

Is there frame data out there that shows data for universal traits like quick get up (vulnerable frames preferably), frames open for teching, throw range, etc


If you want chun’s versatility, i’d say pick ryu. Ryu is the hardest character to learn imo because even though this is a totally different game, everyone knows how to play against ryu and he’s not really shenaniganny. Just pure fundamentals. You lose mobility and outprioritizing pokes, but I do feel chun in some ways is a poor man’s ryu.

^^ how true, i agree. ive thought about seconding ryu, blanka, bison, akuma and fuerte.

none seem fun enough or close enough to my prefferred playstyle tho.

been thinking about cammy cause of imba tk divekicks… but i dont wanna play TWO bitches…lol


I have yet to play anyone but chun except for unlocking purposes. I was thinking about this same thing recently. I have most trouble against blanka & dic so whoever crushed those 2 I’ll be learning. Now that I think of it I will prolly pick up blanka.

how often do you guys pull of her lvl1 or lvl2 fa into ultra? nol combo ex legs after fa into ultra, just plain old fa into ultra. i only do that stuff near the corner or if i have charge pre FA.

I second Rufus cause, I don’t know, he’s just funny to play