Chun Li Q&A Thread: Interpol Information Desk


Ask questions you may have about chun-li so fellow members can assist you.


How can I Chun?


First you Wang, then you Chun tonight.


How does chun justify being an officer of the law considering she often engages in illegal street fighting. Seems duplicitous at best.


Undercover police can get away with a lot :cow: :whistle:


So chun is the kind of cop who plants the drugs on the kids because we all know the little “urban” kids are guilty anyway, I see…


Yeah well, she never said she was a saint :3


IALL tips?


Needs Instant Headstomp. Find them hard to do. Could do them in SF4 ez.

Besides inputting 7/8/9, 2 +MK fast. Any indepth execution tipps (eg. to do 5MP, 2MK, SBK, at the same time push down when press 5MP. make sure not to get accidental 2MP)


Pop over to the tech thread, bud.

DJ has some solid stuff going on in the first post, including some various tips on IALL.

I don’t have a specific tip or trick for doing the instant stomp. Back in IV they eventually put in lenient inputs for them (using 2 or 3) which made them super easy but in V we’re back to strict inputs on it (just 2). My only advice is to just practice. I know that’s crap for advice but that’s all I’ve got. Maybe somebody else has sorted something out.


I pre-ordered through PSN, but I’m not seeing my Chun costume…How do I access it?

NVM - SFV servers were down at launch and apparently getting the costume was tied to being able to access the servers. Got it now.


Ok, how to do, cr. mk, light spinning bird kick consistently? I have been practicing but it seems very hard. Is there any tricks to it?


a) hold downcharge as quick as possible after, if you are familiar with plinking think of it as plink timing.
b) do not cancel the into the SBK right away, give it a moment. This will feel odd at first because its at odds with how every sf character has ever worked, but thems the breaks.

And its MK sbk not light sbk.


You can do it with LK SBK if you want. Technically easier since it starts up faster. For max damage or the true just frame version of the combo, yes you have to use MK SBK.


Does cr.lp,, xx mk sbk seem character specific to anyone else?

I was training against a character (I think it was Ken, not sure) and I was only able to get the combo once. There were many times where I managed to get the mk sbk cancel, but the didn’t combo into the sbk.
Later on I was training against another Chun, and it seemed like everytime I got the cancel, it comboed correctly.
Is it possible that the cancel window is tighter on different characters because the way their hurtbox acts or something? I suppose its possible that I am just getting better at it.

Props to anyone who can get that combo consistently btw, I read about that combo before the game dropped, and its even harder than I thought it was going to be.


Not sure if I should ask this here or in the beginner thread, but what’s the basic game plan for Chun-Li? Get them in the corner? If so, how would I go about that? Thanks in advanced!

In the same boat as you I can do cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx HK lightening legs but no SBK ;__; Holding down as soon as the MP comes out but guess I need to be quicker.


If you can do Guile flashkick combos in SF4, I think this shouldn’t be too different

Poke and zone… force mistakes with frame traps. You can go in a little but not as ham as other characters can. She’s usually content to poke, and then punish mistakes or go in when the opportunity presents itself.


As a follow up to LiquidShu’s question, what are my options when my opponent is pressuring me? I find myself trying to poke whenever I get opportunities but I often find myself in situations where my opponent is up close and just rushing me. Along with that I usually find myself having a difficult time dealing with fireballs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


V-reverse, EX SBK, V-skill if you’re in a good spot to do so. Also just blocking works.

Fight fire with fire, you have a fireball of your own. There’s also V-skill if you time it/space it right, and c. mp can go under fireballs too.


What are the frametraps to go for?
It also might be useful to list them in the techthread or somewhere else…