Chun Li Q&A Thread: Interpol Information Desk is the best and go-to frame trap (+3 on block I think),
b+hp has its uses (if you vtrigger it and you get counterhit, you can confirm into crazy damage. But has to be a read, cause you can’t confirm the b+hp, only if it’s a counterhit),
bck/, very rarely (combo’s into EX.legs/super on CH). Can also vtrigger it if you’re confident it’s going to hit and convert to insane damage. xx vtrigger has some uses, you’re +5 (and can get some funky setups out of it on block, like instant stomps)

Still, the best, most consistent one to use is just

In v-trigger on normal hit b+HP links into cr. MK so it is really good also.

you definitely can confirm b.hp

Yeah on counterhit. I’ll edit it. I can see how it might be confusing.

I have been practicing, cr.lp, st.lp->L.SBK. Was wondering if its worth practicing at all. I believe Ricky was using it at WNF this week. I guess its useful for punishing people that are stand blocking?

This combo is harder than her,>M.SBK BnB imho. I’ve managed to do her BnB and its variants like starting off with jump attack or cr.lp fairly consistently. My success rate with,cr.lp,st.lp->L.SBK however is still terribly low.

You can confirm off b. HP without the counterhit. It’s one of the easier single hit cancel confirms.

The idea for hit confirming b+HP on regular hit into HK/EX legs is that you want to already be motioning qcf or hcf +K during the b+HP. That way you only have to press f+K to hit confirm rather than trying to do an entire motion during the hit confirm.

c.LK, c.LP, s.LP, LK legs is pretty easy. Just do it fast.

You can also just do c.LK, s.LPx2, LK legs which is easier since you don’t have to hold crouch as long before standing up.

There’s actually enough time to just do c.LK, s.LP and hit confirm into LK legs if you do it fast enough. Don’t need the extra jab and can just do c.LK, s.LP, LK legs. Confirm when you see s.LP hit.

You know you can cancel into MK Legs of st. LP, right? Right! 18 more everything.

Can someone give me a frame traps for newbs General explanation, and then how it relates to Chun. Execution, situations etc. Thanks for any and all help.

@Gritterr The best way to understand it is the try it out for yourself.
So go into training go to Dummy Guard actions and make the CPU do Cr. Lp
Then go to Playback and set it up and also to block after first attack.
Once you’ve done that take Chun-Li and do something as simple as a throw and then attack on the opponents wake up.
One frame trap she has is Cr. Lp, St. Mp
SO use this on the opponents wake up, Cr. Lp will be blocked by the cpu, but St Mp will net you a counter hit, which you can also link Cr. Mk and continue a combo.
This is a basic example of how frame traps can work against mash jabbers on wake up.
using F+Hk, Cr. Lp, St. Mp has scored me many counterhits.
Mess around with other buttons too such as Cr. Lp, Cr. Mk (even known this doesn’t combo it can net some counterhits but I don’t think it is a tight frame trap - more like a loose block string)
The main focus of a frame trap is to make the opponent afraid to hit buttons, making it easier to apply pressure and tick throw.
be mindful though a wake up Critical Art or DP can blow through your options.

This is SF4, but it explains the whole business of frames and how knowledge of that translates to your advantage (hence frame traps)

What are the blockstrings? Please give me all!

I really appreciate the tips. Can’t wait to get in the lab later

i believe you can cancel into HK Legs off of st. LP. cr.lp you can only cancel into MK legs though.

I have a question regarding frame traps. Is c.lp to considered a 3 or 4 frame trap? I am asking because I read somewhere in the forums that to is a 1 frame link. gives you plus 6 on hit and is 6 frame start up. Shouldnt be plus 7 on hit for it to be one frame link? If they are the exact frames it is considered 1 frame? Thanks for the clarity.

There are 2 conventions for frame data. The more modern one includes the first active frame as startup so a 6f startup move hits on the 6th frame. So there is a 3f move would generally trade after st. MP -> cr.MK but there is a priority system so if a medium hits on the same frame as a light the medium wins. There are no non invulnerable or non armored moves that will win after blocking a st. MP.

How much frames of startup is her critical art? Couldn’t find it in her frame data.

Edit: found it, 5 startup frames

That’s not right. It’s actually 4 frames. I know this because her Super/EX.LightningLegs are 5 frames startup and if you try to punish the vtrigger activation, it doesn’t work. However, you can punish her if she does it right next to you with cr.lp (3 frames) or even st.lp (4 frames).

For instance, MBison’s activation is 5-6 frames (not sure yet), but that’s one of the vtriggers you CAN punish with Super.

EDIT: Oh wow. For some reason I read Vtrigger activation. I’m an idiot. Oh well, will leave this here cause it’s still useful information I guess XD

Nope, you’re both right.

Critical Art is just another name for Super, you’re thinking of V-Trigger activation.

(Though I think her V-Trigger does have a pre-flash startup frame, making 5 total, but that’s not really important here.)

Can someone explain how i would do hyakuretsukyaku into super? Do i basically pretend i am trying to do a super except do qcf+k twice