Chun-li Quick Guide

(My reference guide adapted from Japanese Enterbrain CvS2 guidebook. Document is provided as is. If anybody doesn’t understand something I write, then too bad…)


s.LP 200/+4/+4 o/o/o
parry high/low

Useful for hitting high. Otherwise, c.LP is better in every way. All short characters can duck this.

c.LP 400/+6/+6 x/o/o
parry high/low

Better than s.LP. Has the exact same startup and hit duration properties, but with more damage, more frame advantage, and slightly less recovery. Even has more range than s.LP. +6 frame advantage makes for a slightly above average crouching jab for a CvS2 character. It also makes for a better move to tick throw after than s.LP. Just 2 frames of startup is top tier. Normal attacks can’t get any faster than this.

c.LK seems useless when Chun has as powerful an up-close attack as this doesn’t it?

s.MP 800/+1/+1 x/o/o
parry high
26 frames total

When fighting at midrange, the hit box and startup on this normal are it’s greatest strengths. Super fast 5 frame startup AND Chun’s entire arm is invulnerable.

Being only 26 frames total, this move is great to throw out from far when you need to build some meter.

Whiff punishing and poking at midrange is this move’s best use, but using it as a properly timed meaty attack can be useful too. Check out the 8 frame hit duration and +1 frame advantage. Be even more cheap and use just the tip of the move to take advantage of the invincible hitbox as well. .

d.MP 800/-1/-1 x/o/o
parry low

Hits one frame faster than s.MP. One frame longer hit duration. Significantly longer recovery than s.MP.

The greatest strength of this move is it’s low hitting properties. At 4 frame startup, it’s Chun’s fastest low hitting attack (sans useless c.LK, which also hits in 4 frames).

Easier to link after a c.LP than s.MP, but with -1 frame advantage it’s not as good when blocked.

(see also: close s.HP)

close s.HP 1000 -2/-2 x/o/o

Hitting on the 3rd frame, this move is blisteringly fast.

Easier to link after a c.LP than a s.MP and a d.MP, but with -2 frame advantage it’s not as good when blocked.

This is move is big. Make sure you’re at 100% accuracy canceling into kick super. s.HP, neutral, qcf, qcf+K is the preferred method. Use s.LP, s.HP xx super over the other bread and butter combos whenever possible (useful after any cross up for example).

d.MK 700 +2/+2 x/x/x
hits low

As you can see it’s not the quickest move considering it doesn’t hit until 8. Hitting low and yielding +2 is pretty useful though. If the opponent blocks or is hit by this, then tries to jump away, the 4 frame d.MP xx super will snag them right back onto the ground.

d.LK 300 +2/+2 x/o/o
hits low

Having slow kicks seems to be a theme with CvS2 Chun. Up close, this move also yields +2. If the opponent tries anything after getting hit/blocking this, a 2 frame c.LP (cheap) will beat them out.

d.HK 1000 -11/-11 x/x/o
hits low
knocks down

At first glance, the data for this move seems horrible. As a primary anti-air move, 7 frame startup leaves for a lot more to be desired… The range, hitbox properties, and anti-jump properties make this quite useful though. The fact that it hits low as a sweep makes it all that much better. Chun outranges a Bison whiffing d.MK’s with this. Use this as you would Kyo’s sweep when not using it as anti-air. It’s quite a good tool.

You can do stuff like meaty s.MP, d.HK.

j.HP 700

This move is quite good as anti-air. 5 frames is faster than the slow d.HK. Certain characters like Rolento and Bison beat up Chun-li because she can’t anti-air their high priority jump ins with d.HK. In all those instances, use jumping HP instead.

air throw
zero frame startup

Rolento, Rock, Honda have slow startup on their jump ins from close. Jump up and air throw them before their attacks come out.


HP kikoken 900 -7/-7

You only have to go to df when you execute this move. Keep that in mind when you’re RCing it.

HK legs (2 hits) 600 +6/-3
5/a whole bunch of numbers/17

The numbers go 3/4/3/4/3/2. 3 hit frames, 4 recovery, 17 total recovery at the end. This move isn’t so good when blocked. LK legs is actually best for that. +/-0 on hit or block. I don’t know what’s up with that… HK legs yields +6 on the hit though. That’s crazy! Link a d.LP (4 frame link), close s.HP (3 frame link), d.MP (2 frame link), or s.MP (1 frame link… hard).

Spinning bird kick
all versions have 20 frame startup
even on frames after hit or block

Take it easy there… It’s not that special. RC’d or not. I wouldn’t even want to use it as anti-air most of the time because of the slow startup.

Meter building (to build one level one in C-groove):
55 jump back HP’s
56 jump back HP, HP’s (huh? jump back double HP builds less meter than jump back HP?)

Command Normals:

f+MK +5/+5

Only hits high unfortunately. Do this as often as practical against Sagat though. You force him to guess what you’re going to do after.

df+HK knockdown/+6

Good luck setting it up. As a meaty is the most useful way. When the opponent blocks, Chun can do whatever she wants.

More Notes:

-If you land a jump straight up, falling j.HK, a far s.MP will always be able to reach no matter what. Any character, no matter how far the range.

d.MP as anti-air:
As anti-tripguard anti-air, Chun-li d.MP will 100% beat…
-Any Rugal air qcf+P
-Any range Sagat j.HK (crazy!)
-Another Chun-li’s cross-up LK attempt
-Another Chun-li’s jump straight up, falling j.HK

This is very useful. I may use standing strong a bit more now … as opposed to crouching strong. Thanks.

Is there a follow up to this?

Kxcj keeps that shit friggidy-fresh. Keep up the good guides man.

Guide slightly updated. 2/29/04

Has anybody here been able to do meaty s.MP xx super? I’m talking about hitting with the very, very last possible hit frames of the s.MP. Either canceling into super then is not possible or I’m doing something wrong. Somebody who know what’s up please post.

The same goes for Ryu’s c.fierce, I can do a meaty c.fp, hit with the very end frames and cancel into a shink hadouken.

thx for the info. I have questions.

after a SBK, what are options do i have. I usually get 360’ed by grapplers after a blocked one, is there a way to avoid it? st. jab would come out quicker than cr. jab due to crouching animation?

also, a blocked lightning kick gives frame disadvantage, is it better to input the third kick if they block the 1st one, pushing chun further out and avoiding punishment?

BTW thanks kcxj for all the useful frame data.

Madmoochie: Let’s see if I can help with your questions:

  1. Do not do an SBK on people with zero frame start up grabs
    (Zangief for sure, anyone else?). There is no escape unless you risk doing a kick super.

For example, Zangief’s 360 is instant. SBK is even on hit or block. Jumping and your fastest move d.LP has two start up frames (jump animation is longer still in small jump grooves); so, none of your moves are fast enough to escape it. Her kick super has enough invincibility to set you in an un-throwable state.

The HK legs give frame disadvantage on block. The LK version is even on block so it is safe. When done in a combo I’d say the HK version is safe (-3 only) and you are pushed to back a distance. Which version to use is largely based on what you’re going for. If you just want some chip damage stick to the LK version. If you have good reason for a lightning kick link, off a successful crossup LK, for instance, then go for the s.HK -> HK legs (+6). In my experience you hit most of your HK legs off wake up.

Anyone have tips on how to best use Chun’s close s.HK (frame data?) and its sjc ability?

Oops, I made a mistake. Any strength SBK is actually -2 on both the hit or block.

When I’m playing AS Chun-li, I usually go for this stuff after a SBK.

Two frame startup
-d.LP, d.MP xx SBK
-d.LP, throw
-d.LP, s.HP xx combo

Three frame startup
-s.HP xx LK SBK (can repeat indefinately if you’re good with charging)

Throwable, but beats everything else
-RC legs

Not so safe, but still do it sometimes
-jump straight up, falling j.HK

Keep in mind that against Zangief, Raiden, Honda, or any character with a super grab (like Yamazaki), they’ll beat you anytime you try something other than jump away after a SBK. Don’t do this move against those characters.

edit: Oh, I bet Akuma gets a free Raging Demon after every SBK too. I’ll have to test that out later…

heres somethin I was messin with earlier-
-empty short jump into c.lkxxHK lightning legs,c.mpxxsuper

it’s pretty good after a c.HK antiair, you get the knockdown into either what I posted or a crossup low jump into super, and its hella hard to see whats coming since her crossup can hit so late

so you saying i can jump away from 360 throws/grabsupers? If thats the case then thats awesome for her

Yes, I enjoy contradicting myself all over the place.

i think everyone with a brain has kind of (grudgingly) agreed that you really cant link chun s.strong to super anywhere near 100%, but, this came me a minute ago and Im not sure why I haven’t seen anyone mention it before.
Anyway, poking with qcf+strong, is WAAAAY easier to buffer into super (of course), that can just about be done on reaction Im pretty sure by anyone with practice. Its a little rough since chun has that fireball, but be precise and you won’t get it since the fireball is a half circle. And to think I used to be so annoyed with that…

Also, for my purposes, when playing the footsie game and doing c.jabs, I go for just c.jab - c.strong instead of the full combo. Reason being is that in case you get that counter hit jab, then the strong link is easier, and you’ve gotten past the hard part and can do the super. Talking to Choi today I felt a little eased about my Chun (especially after MWC), because he’s like “EVERYBODY misses that combo when it really counts”. Yeah I ate the shit out of a Tiger Shot. Anyhow, two hits should be good enough for confirmation.

And please. people stop saying chunners. That shit makes me want to kill something. Seriously.

Standing Strong --> DEATH with Chunners? Damn, where’s popo-blo at? :lol:

recently i’ve tried setting up for low jump d+MK to crossup j.LK on the way down

c.LP, s.HP ->
c.LP, c.LP, s.MP ->
-low jump d+MK, crossup j.LK
-low jump d+MK, empty jump ->
–d.MP for low
–s.LP/s.HP for high
-crossup j.LK

cool shit heh


Hmm… Some of this stuff seems interesting.
I might just play CvS2 again. :slight_smile: