Chun-Li Season 2 Change Analysis (Completed)


I wanted to go into the deeper end with analysis. It would be awesome if you guys can add to the analysis.

SFV: Chun-Li Season 2 Change Analysis Part 1 [Comparison of version 01.13 to 02.000]

SFV: Chun-Li Season 2 Change Analysis Part 2 [Comparison of version 01.13 to 02.000]

SFV: Chun-Li Season 2 Change Analysis Part 3 [Comparison of version 01.13 to 02.000]

SFV: Chun-Li Season 2 Change Analysis Part 4 [Comparison of version 01.13 to 02.000]

SFV: Chun-Li Season 2 Change Analysis Part 5 [Comparison of version 01.13 to 02.000]


Great analysis man!

One thing though. I’m,pretty sure the airthrow hurtbox change is so that chun can’t jump in with airthrow and make things like Alex’s standing jab or chuns wiff.

This was a favorite tactic of mine versus people that relied on jab AA.


It seems they moved the airthrow hitbox upward too ?

Thank you for the comparison video btw :slight_smile:


Well, I didn’t know about that tactic. I’ll have to check it out with the older version and see how much difference it makes. Thanks for the info!


I absolultely LOVE your videos. They have helped with my Chun-Li play so much. And I always look forward to seeing more Chun vids from you.
THank you for the analysis. Very helpful.


Very nice analysis. I wish there were video’s like this for every character haha. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes


Thanks. It would be nice if there was one for each char. I started making these videos and realized how big these changes are. Hopefully the other char specialists would make something similar.


Really great analysis, this kind of stuff should be there fore everyone. For example, they mentioned air throw range for vega expanded, that’s great, but by how much?? Also with the long laundry list of changes for chun li. It really would have been even better if you covered all the changes.


He said he’s covering it in parts (i.e. multiple videos).


@SeaLeafDojo Thank you for part two. Really insightful and helpful. I look forward to watching part 3 and more vid to come.

I also learned a lot from your Chun-Li combos video. Do you plan on posting a season 2 practical combo video sometime in the future?


I do plan to make an updated combo video in the near future for S2 after I finish going over all the changes.


I posted this elsewhere, but some have found that IALL is +4H against crouching but only +3H standing. Can someone check to see if IALL is -1B against crouching? If so, then IALL isn’t dead because Chun-Li can back dash away from any 3F or 4F normal, even at point-blank range, if she is at -1. Someone check this, because it COULD make IALL viable again.


Thanks for the analysis videos. Even though it may seem insignificant, I think that cr. LP overall animation being increased by 1f is also important to note as this changes up certain frame-kill/meaty advantage situations (e.g. combo into SBK in corner -> dash -> whiff cr. LP then do B+HK will make it connect on a different active frame than before and therefore change what you’re allowed to do on a followup).