Chun Li skill digression

I’m new to posting on this site but have been reading through it for months. I picked up playing Chun about two weeks ago and probably play about 1-3 hours a day depending on time availability. I felt really good playing with her and would win on a 60 percent basis but the last two days I’ve felt like I’m digressing in skill, getting beat by scrubby predictable moves and losing to people that aren’t even that good. I’m not going to be the best player but my mojo for playing Chun has decreased a lot.

So do any of you guys ever feel like this?
What do you do to snap yourself out of this funk?
Do you guys go on hot/cold streaks too?

Thanks for reading.

I definitely have hot and cold streaks too.
When I’ve been playing poorly I can usually increase my love for the game by watching either replays of myself when I was playing well, or some of my favourite gods of Chun Li’s replays like Nemo’s stuff.

As for losing to predictability \ scrubby stuff, that was only a problem I encountered frequently early in Vanilla when I was new to Chun.
Main thing I needed to keep in mind to avoid it was… even though I want to be rushing down and applying mixups with my Chun all the time, it’s often unsafe and you do need to switch to her zoning \ turtle game often in order to excel with Chun Li.

Currently I can relate big time.

I was playing Chun on auto pilot. I was doing pretty well for myself. I’ve mained her since Vanilla so I have really not needed to hit training mode with her.

Last week I decided to train the hell out of her again, and since that time I have played like shit. Pure shit… its very discouraging.

That’s when it’s time to look into using one of your secondary characters or simply take a break altogether.

It’s extremely easy to get into some sort of mental rut. Several players here from all skill levels have expressed this at one point or another. It will come back to you.

Take a break and look at just how your Chun has gotten worse. Try playing a couple matches and, even if you win, look back at the replays to see ow you can improve. Also, if you play ranked: DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, EVER. Use it to play for fun, or to try out some setups before you go play offline. I just go on there sometimes to do combos, and it doesn’t bother me one bit if I lose. It’s not like you are playing with your EVO face on, so don’t sweat it.

Yup this happens to me often after I don’t play much or its just lag… I just play something else. I’m actually a typical gamer, but I love SSF4 a lot. Probably the game I play the best at.

So tonight I decided to pick up Rose and after playing about 20 matches and winning only 35 percent of my matches, I had to go back to chun because learning another character is just too taxing with trying to figure out timing and spacing and so fourth. I won most of my matches with chun realizing one of the reasons I go into playing funks is that I try too hard and play too cute as oppose to just having fun and playing the game.

really sounds like you’re not giving yourself enough of a chance either way.

just play your opponent. I had this problem when I started playing fighting games. I would read forums, learn strategies and think they applied to each character in every match, but this isn’t the case, you have to play your opponent. For instance, if your oppenent is smart, and blocks, then you bait throws for counter hit set ups etc…however, if you’re opponent is a masher, then just sit there and let him kill himself on you. Just take it back to basics if need be. When you start truly understanding fighters, you shoould never have a night where you just cant win unless you are severly outclassed by a player. If things are predictable, just react safely, don’t try to style on someone b/c you think/know/are better, always be patient and take what the opponent gives you. If they jab jab throw everytime, blow that shit up w/ ex bird. Don’t be scared to call ppl on bs.

Nice post.

Man this thread’s timing is perfect. I’ve been having a mental crash with Chun too, almost made me want to give up on her. It’s like everyone just said (I got it) and started pwning my chun. Whats worst is I have been losing to scrubs less than 1000 BP types. I picked up my game a bit more yesterday but man it’s depressing. I went from 9K to 7K in less than two weeks of playing and it definantly feels like I haven’t been playing at my best. I have been switching to Rog (wich makes me feel better since he’s so easy to play). Takes a load off my brain, when I come back to chun my brain hurts.

But I think im gonna do that and look at some replays, was also gonna start looking into more simple but damaging combos to maximize my win efforts.

lol, i agree. once, i lost 20 straight matches when i decided i wanted to start playing makoto. yea it was frustrating, probably most frustrating since i started playing SF4. then when i switched back to chun, i couldn’t win any matches. i realized that usually whenever i can’t win with chun is because i got too impatient. when i lose a match, i would most likely go all out offensively on the next match, trying to pick up that redeeming win, but i would fail because i was too hasty and didn’t defend.

It’s interesting because while chun li is hard to play she teaches you a lot abotu patience, when you play other charactes you play them a lot like Chun. I found Balrog (Although 90% of sf players play him now) to be very easy to pick up and play, I learned not to rush, not throw risky moves, and even my combos were on spot, even did the TKK combo with ease. But now that I seen this thread I might go back to training mode and do some focus training, I feel my execution is strong but I just need to decide on a basic approach and stratagie I feel comfortable with, in these two years her arsenal has grown and she has a ton of options and shenanigains that it’s hard to decide how to play a match. I need to find my identity to seperate myself from the rest.

Fundamentals are the key. Know your matchups, your spacing and endeavor to have solid execution. Then everything falls into place.