Chun Li Song


What is this song called. lol I want to download it.
Or if anyone has it please send it to me

Your retarded, did you even check the description for the video?

Why are you an ignorant asshole?

and the description isnt the title.

I found it… its

Lil Shoto - Chun Li EX Legs

hes not the ignorant asshole… YOU ARE.

posting a thread to ask a question and post an (admittedly awesome song)


theres a q&a thread here for these types of easy to answer questions…
the fact that you didnt post in there is what makes YOU ignorant, and the fact that you called someone else a derogatory term makes YOU the asshole.

dont post any more threads asking simple questions… its a waste of bandwidth and is just stupid in general.



Although I agree with what you meant, I always die laughing when someone questions another persons intelligence then spells basic words wrong. The irony.

LOL. This thread should’ve been closed long ago.

i love how you edited your first initial post… GG.

Easy cowboy.Its just the forums. Maybe you need to calm down son.

I couldn’t find it on the forums so I made a post.

If you go on a rampage for everyone who posts a thread. I think you may go ballistic.

Calm down mate. I was just looking for a answer. GG

Man, and here I thought I could come in and post


Too late apparently. :rofl:

Apparently you haven’t been on this forum (or the whole of SRK in general) during the last 6 months. SRK really had a membership and traffic boom when SF4 came out. Call it ignorance or laziness, maybe both, but many of these new members tend to create new threads instead of posting in existing threads. Often these threads turn out to be single answer questions that should have been posted in one of the many Q&A threads sticky’d throughout SRK.

Having said that, I believe Dime’s response is justified. That shit gets really annoying and only serves to clutter the forum. It’s only a matter of time before any of us snap. :rofl:

Then you should have used the Q&A Thread sir.

I blast this in the parking lot of my school while I ride slow…

I still don’t know what’s dumbest, people starting threads that are similar to others/unnecessary, people bitching about people creating those stupid threads, or people bitching about people being whiny cunts over those stupid threads…

I guess that’s what SRK is though. People just throwing shit at each other

-pompous douchebag

love this song

I Concur… I did once, so I really can’t talk.
but on a brighter note, the chun-li song did bring me a smile :lol:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sigh… instead of beaking off, how about pm’ing a mod or maybe just not clicking on the thread?