Chun Li stick, arcade parts, Sanwa modded wireless tekken stick, Mk arcade manuals ect!


<blockquote class=“Quote”><div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href=“”>filldoh</a> said:</div><div class=“QuoteText”>Everything must go as i am moving so it is priced to sell if you are buying multiple items or need a discount on something make me an offer.<br>modded T6 Stick wireless for xbox 360 with full sanwa parts $90 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0265_zpse90e1fdd.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Custom Chun Li PS2 stick with PS3 Pelican adapter $140 (needs a new plexi cut for it, lowes can do it otherwise it is perfect with really great wiring.<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0263_zps08babd3e.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0264_zps9d6e978e.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br><br>Hacked PS2 Dual Shock $20 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0261_zpsab1515db.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Equalization Socket for Street Fighter Anniversary stick $10 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0260_zps6cad1038.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Street fighter 4 wrist bands and Head Bands $25 shipped(only way to win was to place first in gamestop tournament at streetfighter 4 launch party<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0259_zpsa3633908.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Areo FIghters and Samurai Shodown MVS cards $10 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0258_zps35978b53.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>28 sanwa clone buttons and sanwa clone stick pulled from various sticks $27 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0257_zps7fcd1d9d.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br><br><br>Custom Vinyl Wood Arcade stick case with Hacked 360 pad $45 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0254_zpsea71eb1a.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Used Semitsu Stick $10 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0251_zps81318aa5.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Two Jamma Harnesses $25 shipped comes with free speaker<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0249_zps67ef9547.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>custom Happ arcade stick Plastic case with Happ Comp stick $35 shipped No PCB or Wires<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0248_zps27d623ea.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br><br><br><br>Midway Mortal Kombat 1 and 3 arcade Manuals $35 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0268_zps24bab4c5.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br><br>DC Import Lightgun Dreamcast(best one availible) $40 shipped<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0266_zps422ae0b7.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam Marquees $30 shipped Cracks can be seen in Pics<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0270_zps33e28968.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0253_zps4eb14cf3.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 NOS Control Panel Stickers $40 shipped(slight wear on the bottom<br><img src=“” alt=“DSC_0252_zpsc2e90473.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”></div><div><br></div></blockquote>




make an offer i am ready to get rid of the rest of this stuff.


Tekken wireless stick has sanwa buttons and full sanwa stick?


Does the HAPP come with the buttons?


Yes it does


Do you still have the equalization socket for sale ?

WTB Used JLF'S and Stick cases. plus cthulhu!