Chun li stick art

I was wondering if someone could make me some chun li art for a stick. All I ask is that it be of Chun Li (not in her alpha suit,) and that it be blue (white and silver are good along with it if you’d like.) The dimensions are 10 inches vertical by 15 inches horizontal. Thank you for your time. I hope someone can make it! :slight_smile:

AIM: Zero Ennaa

I already did it for you before. Oh well

were you the guy who IM’d me before? That was great work btw.
Well, the dimensions were too small. I understand if you don’t want to do it again.

Can anyone help me out here?

bump :sad:

can someone please help me out here? My joystick sure would be boring without art.

If it was too small, then just resize it.

There is a ton of official Capcom Chun-Li artwork and a shitload of Chun-Li fan art around, too. You could fill in the extra space with some of that if you didn’t want to resize it.

I would but I don’t have the photoshop file i have the gif. Also if I did that it would get all pixelated, plus I would have to crop the picture out cuz it’s too small and it would ruin the background. Not to mention I suck at photoshop. ;_;


I sent you the .psd :bluu:

I know. Two things though, I tried changing the size, changing 1024x768 to 10 x 15 inches makes it very grainy and pixelated. Also, I don’t have the psd anymore.

I still hope someone will be able to do this…

last try… bump.