Chun Li Strategies and Matchups

Since most strategies and tricks are matchup-dependent, it makes sense to group the two together. Discuss anything useful in actual matches here, from specific tactics, to character-dependent move counters, to overall gameplans. The more specific you get, the better. It would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to test out everything you plan on saying in training mode to make sure that it works and to provide some numbers for stuff like damage and dizzy amount.

Other than that, try not to piss anyone off or start any flame wars.

Ok I’ve got this vs Sagat trick that isn’t as hot as it first seemed but maybe someone besides me can make use of it. Anyway, one of Chun’s main’s problems vs Sagat is getting on his s.short. Well, if Chun is just outside the range for Sagat’s c.short, which is the range that he’s going to throw them x9384923, what can do is poke stick out an s.short of her own. At correct ranges, this move wil ALWAYS counter hit Sagat’s short, or itll whiff, this I’m sure of. The best success I’ve had with this is at really the range so that Chun’s s.short comes out about level with Sagat’s ankle(so she kicks the tape), so they actually kinda cross, rather than Chun’s going over top of his. Now the cool part is you can link the super off the s.short. In my testing though, the level 1 super only connects about 50% of the time, while level 2 is a solid 90% or so.The REALLY cool thing, which is either really hard, or I’m delusional/lucky at the same time, is if you poke if you poke him back with qcf+short, qcf+short/forward, JUST slowly enogh that the super wouldn’t come out, the super will come out ONLY when the counter hit connects, so you have a safe way of moving forward while buffering an auto-super, essentially. This is really really hard though, and its easy to fuck up and misfire a game ending super. I have gotten it more than 5 times in a row though, so I think it is viable with practice. Anyone have input on this one?

P.S. If I see somebody to this at evolution ill give them a dollar.

edit: lol just saw a typo with this one, anyone it does work check it out!

Oh btw, a slightly safer tactic is to sweep his foot at the same range, and take the trade. You’ll knock him down then just get all up on his ass. But throwing them sweeps out…whew risky.

wow, that actually IS really dope. I was actually messing with something similar a few days ago and found that rapid fire standing jabs beat the standing short clean also (in fact, most standing jabs will beat it around the tip of its range). For some reason, s.jab xx lvl1 combos with near 100% consistency while s.short xx lvl1 gets blocked usually. Weird. Anyway, I do it with qcf+jab qcf+short really quickly and HOLD DOWN the short. If you don’t hold it down, you’ll get whiff jab chained into whiffed short which is kara cancelled into super. Not good.

Anyway, it works even midscreen. Just make sure to stay within the range of your super.

To add my own little trick, Chun’s low fierce beats Guile’s low forward and (iirc) and standing roundhouse clean. Buffer into super and have fun. This works better on a cornered Guile, since Guile’s legs are so goddamned long that Chun’s level 1 super usually won’t reach at the range you’re trying to fierce him at. Level 2 and up works fine though at any range.

Could someone help me with how you should place the headstomp to be able to try for a crossup afterwards? Seems like a really useful trick but I haven’t figured it out yet. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Ok watched some videos where this is shown and these seem to be some setups. One setup seems to be hitting with a lowjumped stomp on the way up and then go for the cross. (Ohnuki did this to a crouching Sakura during sbo04. If the crouching part matters I don’t know.)

And another would be resetting them in the air after level 1 kick super with the stomp and then stomping again when they hit the ground hoping that they block it high to set up the cross. (From dj-b13’s tricks of the trade video for Chun. Done on Balrog (boxer) so it might only be doable on fat characters.)

Could someone help me with Chun Li general strategies?

Specifically, what to do on wakeup vs. a meaty attack. Do any of her special moves have invincibility so I can wakeup reversal? Thanks.

wakeup vs a meaty? level 2 or level 3 puffball super, OR RC lightning legs.

and dude, just post in the KY thread and we can get together at rocky dean’s and i can SHOW you how to play chun li as opposed to just talking about it all day. i’m in lexington now at UK.


Wake up RC lighting legs d. MP xx kick super, super jump HK. Assuming you are playing with a roll groove.

There are moves that have high recovery that Chun Li can kick super back on block (assuming you are a reasonable distance away). I’ll start a list of such moves here and update as I test more.

I. Some moves you can super back on block.
Hibiki QCF + P (lv 2 or 3)
Iori d.HK (lv 3, reversal timing)
Geese d.HK (lv 3, reversal timing)

Need testing:
Eagle d.HK
Eagle far s.HP
Eagle HCF + K set
Haohmaru far s.HP
Hibiki far s.HP
Sagat far s.MK
Yamazaki QCB + P set
Kyosuke d.HK

II. Some block strings you can super through:
Geese d.HK xx Reppuken
Shoto d.HK/d.MK xx Hadouken
Chun Li s.MP xx Kikouken
Sagat d.MK xx Tiger Shot

Need testing:
Ryo fireball strings
Kyosuke fireball strings
King fireball strings
Todo fireball strings

Wich r the best groves for Chun-Li?

C and N-Groove are best for Chun Li. Both grooves allow you to store multiple level 1 supers. C gives you access to her touch of death lv2 cancel and N gives you more ways to get inside with low jump and run.

im heaving trouble vs vega{balrog} with chun-li N.

wich r the best anti air of her???u

-vs Vega/Balrog tips from Bucktooth:

vega does beat chun. n-chun fares a lot better, but at least with c-chun once you have meter you can win the match on one clean hit.

to land that hit, it depends on how the vega player plays:

if the vega player is the walk back and punish whiffs type, walk him to the corner. a lot of walking up and blocking gets the job done. once you’ve walked him backwards a good distance, you’ll get into an uncomfortable range for vega. vega will probably throw out some random panic move to try to keep you out. the safest thing to do is to walk up and block and feel out the vega players tendencies; if the vega player doesnt press a button until you do first, walk him all the way to the corner. if the vega player is flinching when you get into a certain range, pre-emptively counter hit it with low jab, then link standing strong into super (easy on counter hit, and low strong probably wont reach at the range youre at).

if the vega player is the type that throws out a million long ranged moves to just zone you to death, the strategy is pretty similar: get a poke to whiff, and instead of trying to directly punish it, walk in. since the vega player is the zoning type, theyll likely hit another move the instant the first one whiffs. counter hit low jab into combo like above. if the player is the type to freeze up and block after whiffing a poke, just walk up more. he will either flinch once you get close enough (like in the example above), or he will continue blocking. if the latter happens, either throw, or start pressuring with low jabs (to try to get a counter hit) if you really need to land the super

you’ll probably guess the vega player’s reaction wrong a good number of times, and a few of the times you guess right wont directly result in damage (walking in farther, getting them to the corner), but all it takes is for the vega to flinch once at the wrong time and you basically win the match. at the same time, vega’s pokes arent doing much damage to you. the important thing is to not get frustrated

The most used anti-air for Chun Li is d.HK. It is one of the few single button anti-airs that knock down. However, it is not perfect, it can trade and be beaten cleanly especially by steep angled jump ins. This is where you use Chun’s other anti-airs such as:

far s.MK
forward j.HP, HP
jump back MP
walk/run under close s.HK xx sjc
d.MP (against lost trip guard)

is it reasonable to use c.strong into kick super?

When part of the B&B combo of: c.jab, c.jab, c.strong xx kick super.

S.strong is usually better. Seems like her arm is invincible during that, so if you’re outside of the actual s.strong range you can put it out and try to counter-hit people. And you can buffer the lvl 1 kick super on the s.strong so that if you don’t connect with the s.strong nothing comes out because the super motion completed before the s.strong recovered. But if it does connect, lvl 1 kick super comes out and you get big damage.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

what are her weak points? how can I beat a jumping Chun Li without dp’s chars? and what do I do if she just crossup all the time? I cant get out of the pressure

wow, thx for the explanation The V

Wich Low Jumps attacks I should use in N grove? I try to crossup with lk but most of the times I get punished…

mmm the vega Im chalenging is more like all jumping, air defense plus throw in the ground… a lot of jumping and always surpassing all my moves, and when I start a combo I miss sometimes T___T (d.lp,…) I do allright but in PS2 I have some difficulties(same arcade control)…

btw… is the deamcast version diferent from PS2 version like MvC2???

Hi noob with Chun Li and I just started to use her and I use K groove.

Quick question, can I use her 3S style, HP that shit and mix of other basic moves