Chun-Li strategies?

i can mix up for days and i can raid the skies but i always get handed a back+FP or a c.RH when air attacking. it seems most of any standing or lower kick or punch is out faster than makoto can dash and even when parrying her throw or trying to karakusa chun, her throw seems to reign over mine. i can beat her but she frustrates the living hell out of me. it seems as if all you really need to do with chun-li is just use FP and RH kicks to win with her. any suggestions on how to get around her god like priority?

so…nobody has any tips or tricks on this match up?

Ask Ramza…he puts J Wong’s Chun in time out everytime now.

Be random?

don’t randomly dashup or you’ll eat something xx super, regular and ex tsurugi are your friend.

My opinion:
In general everyone can stop makoto’s dash with a normal and/or normal>super. Chun is not special in being able to stop her from getting in. So, I think the same getting-in tricks apply here also.

Meterless Chun is good, but less scary, so change your aggressiveness according to the meter status. I believe round 1 is in Makoto’s favor because of this.

When Chun does have meter, check to see what they’re planning. Maybe they think you’re gonna keep coming at them and they’re sticking out normals and buffering super. Maybe they know you’re not so they start advancing. If they do the first thing then just wait it out, no need to rush it. They can’t keep pressing buttons all day. things happen bla bla, adapt, dash grab between normals or after they stop mashing or jump if you must to get ahead, but the general thing is to just play less risky when the threat of super is there.

c.lp is fast and will stop a lot of Karakusa’s. Parry it. If the Chun you play doesn’t use it then fine, do everything else, but keep an eye out for players that abuse it. Input the parry and start doing whatever it is you want to punish it with, be it either a karakusa or x lp.Hayate. Finish the input when your brain processes the blue flash.

SA1 can make the scariest of Chun’s think twice before mixing up in otherwise safe moments. Make it clear you’re willing to use wake-up super. Reap the benefits by getting away with wake-up Karakusa.

So, based on what I just said, the overall strategy would be: Round one is spaz time (basic dashing/jumping trickery applies). When Chun gets meter, tone it down. Figure out if they want to walk up low forward or expect you to keep attacking. for example: run away build meter to make them start walking towards you instead of being careful of your dash. SA1 adds a dimension of uncertainty for the Chun player and so may work out better than SA2.

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Anwyay i found your nugget of info helpful since I usually go all out on Chun from start to finish and pray I can scare players enough to not use their super which never works.

hehe, I wanted a change, even it’s for a lesser avatar. Glad you liked the old one though :lol: also glad you found my post useful

Thats some good and easy to understand info ZenFire, thanks. ZenFire daisuki!

That’s a really good way of looking at it. I don’t get a chance to do this matchup very often, but when I do, Ill be sure to give this a try.