Chun li TE S stick



im about to buy a new stick and the chun li modell from madcatz have really caught my eye. problem is, i live in norway… and from what it looks like the US gameshark store doesent ship outside the US:( anyone know from where i can buy one and get it shipped to europe? or is it only available to the US ??


Check Ebay


this is a shot in the dark, but see if you can have it shipped to fedex or UPS and see if they will ship it overseas


GAMEGEARS.CO.UK - Whats Your Game?. I have ordered from here, and they are legit.

Super Street Fighter IV Fightstick Chun Li (PS3) - Playstation 3 Accessory from GameGears UK

Super Street Fighter IV (4) Fight Stick Chun-Li (Xbox 360) - Xbox 360 Accessory from GameGears UK


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thanx alot!!!^^


your welcome