Chun-Li Teams and Strategies

This thread is dedicated to the shominator who showed us whats really good with chuns option tree…

This thread is for any effective team combinations or strategies that you’ve developed with chun vs any team/matchup in the game.

some things that i’m learning

her air fp seems to have a tiny hitbox, but insane priority. I’ve counter hit sents pan several times and traded with storm mostly(gotta have slight height advatage so you dont swing into the lightning only, i need to test vs her fk)

her stomp is one of the most broken and unique moves in the game, i haven’t mastered the use of it but i have some basics that i’ll list.

pin with tron+normals

dash in jump lk. jump animation takes a frame or so iirc, her stomp adds another frame to this setup, best wishes blocking that on reaction. time it just right land XX dash launch into infinite then knockdown at the end of infinite( i can't actually do this full combo perfectly, but i understand her wakeup game and infinite enough to know that this pattern will pretty much guarantee 70% before chun has her way with whiff cancels, lows, side switches and instant overheads as well as throws into assist for 40%:rofl:) 

Thats a broken pattern, magneto,storm,sent all have some things that are similar but not as fast. it also doesn't hurt that you can delay your assist call in case somone blocks your initial overhead, allows you to anti-guardcancel and setup different options.

~Pin with tron + normals then you can sj whiff cancel neutral fk lk lp or fp, land other side, low then jump stomp or another basic switch side ->rechain

~this is an anti-guard cancel chain: Pin with tron + normalsXXfk flip kick on reaction to their pushblock. shit is gdlk with tron and doom. Aerial hitbox+overhead in case you misjudge their escape point and they jump or if you time right: free switch side back into retard rushdown options.

~Stomp in the air

her stomp seems to have a ridiculous priority on the vertical hitbox, i’m constantly beating magnetos normals from the proper height/range, storm is still in progress(storms sj fp from directly below is obviously losing but i need to test perfectly timed sj fk/lp w storm vs chuns stomp),

also need to test lightning stikes from a variety of angles, i’ve kicked her from the side if the ball barely misses me, but not as defined as i need it. I don’t think this is going to go anywhere well…

I’m beating her sj lk with chuns deep lk as a counter hit.

BUT my next point works around some of storms strengths

i can use my sj double jump, wall grab, triple jump to maintain height advantage. Chun somehow builds way more meter than storm in a straight meter whiff fest so if you build a team well, you’ll have a good runaway option to build bar for your homie. This is gonna be crucial because when she starts chasin me with LS i can double jump block or airdash…

If she gets frustrated and takes a boot counterhit, it’s time to whore my tron or doom and XX attack so i can land and rushdown. Re-pin into overhead scenario, rerush into assist bait or blocked string->offense…

The above scenario is a wide open option tree, it’s going to be huge, but i’m not there yet with all of it…chun li takes alot of work to learn her execution.

She also has a stupid sj cancel game for punishing helpers.

using her basic sj cancel airdash whiff fk land hold up or XXlightning legs blah blah....ehhhh?? thats a solid setup that can be cut short at the airdash followup to get the initial 40% safely instead of setting up anything else.

If somone drops a helper in front of her and you'd like to reposition vs the point char at the same time u punish you can use

any normal chain+ tron c.fp or s.fp Super jump cancel from this setup you have a large option tree.

correctly judge opponent position and go for super jump cancel counter hit lk  works wonders with it's angle and the followup options... or airdash into neutral position behind opponent or if opponent stays put you can swing from above where will have priority...

Her ground throw chucks them perfectly into tron for good life.

If you dash in then input f,df,d,db,b + tron then fp, instant reverse throw into full tron dmg.

I wont go too deep into the team chemistry yet for the squads i like, but i have a couple notes.

any touch with chun/morrigan as a dhc duo = death, they typically need tron for this which is fine by me.

Some of the best combos

any connected hit air or ground with chun should be followed up with ground chain +tron kick super MASH, this stupid dmg combo(65% - 75% depending on setup) throws people cornerbound where chuns instant overhead game becomes easier to combo…

if you want to hurt somone really bad, do the above combo and DHC into either of morrigans supers. I prefer dhcing into morrigans kick super here, the wakeup game that follows is almost always going to net a free hit = death

that combo on it’s own typically leaves opponent w 5% before morrigan rushes ur shit down.

if u want to dhc out with chun into morrigan(credit shoultzula) ground chain+tron or counter call tron->Upkicks superXXmorrigan upper super or kikosho XX morrigan UPPER right away. use tron rings to create that blockstun layer for u, all supers involved have a high hitbox for general dhc use and they will put something in the way before the tron rings pin to allow safe entry .

I'm working on her guard breaks and i think i have an unescapable setup into the shomination inf.. 

my ghetto setups have been hitconfirms from sj airdash normals into delayed normals(the crappiest initial dmg but for now it gets me a knockdown into rushdown) 

or sj airdash normals(opponent pushblocks) i either sj airdash instant throw+ helper(doom is dope as fuck here) or i sj airdash re-airchain+ helper or i just launch.

if somone is approaching you from the angle where your anti air will whiff but your lk upper will make contact, YOU CAN DO EEEET+ tron

that move has stupid good priority and will at least trade with a bunch of moves that we've tested so far. mostly it's beating moves, but with crazy timing, i'm getting a trade sometimes. free re-position into rtsd on block.

I'll post up some of my new morrigan and tron shit later, i just wanted to get a non infinite based thread going(although i guess tips on that will help everyone in this thread too)

whats up?

Pretty good thread, what do you think of her overhead assist vs. anti air?
I’m looking @ Chunli/Strider/Tron for kicks, who knows how it’ll go!

Chun li seems to secretly have it all w/ Tron.
Low/Instant Overhead/Throw w/ Tron = win.

Shom is too nice.

I haven’t had a chance to try but Striders orbs + overhead = better mixup?

Pretty good thread, what do you think of her overhead assist vs. anti air?
I’m looking @ Chunli/Strider/Tron for kicks, who knows how it’ll go!

that team is actually pretty good, chun and strider get along way more than one would imagine. her meter building is too good and her supers are really good for striders orb dhc. w/chun rejump combo with strider or any safe chains(he has some 100% shit here if you dig deep enough with him)

~i’d pick anti air, it will add to strider and trons game waaaay more than her overhead. strider has some crazy shit with that flip kick tho, unblockable strings such as-> lk or,mk+chun,c.fkXXdog to counter when they roll. i figure u can follow that up if you land it pretty easily, especially with tron as pressure or assist punish. you can pushblock that setup but i wonder if you could do something like pushblocks)you call chun and do df fk. I messed around with it for a bit but I could only come up with ghetto unblockable crap. Maybe you should try some setups using orbs+chun+double jumps ect. imo solid team chemistry would rely on chun being the aaa to learn on.

Chun li seems to secretly have it all w/ Tron.
Low/Instant Overhead/Throw w/ Tron = win.

~I agree. She’s broken…stomp+ options clears the playground:karate::badboy::cybot:

Shom is too nice.

~I can’t do the damn infinite yet, i have most of my strategy and rush but I don’t have perfect timing with d.fkXXairdash followups. I guess i just need to practice it some more…I keep finding new position tricks and working those out instead of mastering my stomp. basics first i guess.

I haven’t had a chance to try but Striders orbs + overhead = better mixup?

~using tron at the beginning of orbs and at the end of orbs will probably give you 2 instant overhead attempts. use his sj lk,kara lpXXdive down…i’m pretty sure shoultzula has an easier setup for his overhead into re-jump orbs…

If you don’t like reading (long)option trees and positioning tricks, don’t bother with the rest of this post.

Morrigan/Tron notes.

since this duo is my midgame on my chun team, the following is a bunch of new crap that i made up.

~retard dmg combos using morrigans -super jump cancel- option tree+tron:

tri-jump df fk,dash,s.fp, foward fp,fk,

you have some pretty stupid options to followup the last fk

~light attack, fp or fk-sjc-ad df whiff fp, is pretty fast)

~lp,mp -sjc- airdash forward or downforward, 1-5 hit overhead string dependant on opponent sprite size and how you delay morrigans airdash

To max your overheads using morrigans df airdash, wait until the point in the dash where she begins to float upwards, cancel your upward momentum with a full magic series, you have the option to fk before you land. If you cancel earlier during the airdash, you can create angles that allow from 1-3 hits perfectly. If you cancel right around the same point she arcs upwards, you can lk,mpXXbeebutt for a 4 hit string. That last one wont combo but once you start breaking somone down with morrigan rushdown behind tron, every variable can add up to somone blocking wrong. train them one way lead them another…

Imo shes retarded to defend against, i think its because her position to mixup is so low to the ground, like storm with a better downforward/forward momentum while she airchains…

Midscreen combo w reset options :, airdash to opponents backside, air fk(all three tron rings hit) land and then you have the basic reset scenario again:

lp,mp-sjc- airdash df fp or fk(whiffs),

-sjc-airdash df lp,

-sjc-airdash df lp, rejump airdash df lp

-sjc-airdash df lp, rejump airdash df fp(whiffs),

-sjc-airdash df fk(this has to be done at the proper height for the fk to animate fully, you can also delay your fk up until the upwards arc of her airdash if you want another delay setup(tricky block with assist pin). When you wait until she almost arcs up, you also have the option to lk or lp,fk (her fk is faster than her fp so you can combo it from lower angles, really good move overall)

side note: for the above setup, you can always substitute the beginning lp,mp-sjc- with lp,fp,fk-sjc-

Super jump cancelling from her fierces, this pushes you further away from your opponent+does more dmg. This also gives a different set of -sjc- attack angles from this range. experiment with it a little and you'll see the option tree is a little different from 1 1/2 characters away. At this range it's good to -sjc-  airdash upforwards and use her different normals to counter hit or pin the opponent back into an overhead sequence. 

Easy Combo+Hitconfirmable+113(+) dmg

after any, press tron before your fp,fkXXdarkness illusion(her kick super)

This leaves your opponent in the same position as magneto’s triple fierce(but does more dmg) and morrigan has a retarded wake-up game in this position(as good if not better than magneto’s).

Airstall with her qcb+fk or lk 

if you regular jump or sj airdash kara cancel into her qcb lk or fk, it will freeze her momentum and force her to drop directly down with her qcb kick attack active the whole way down(3 hits typically). Theres a bunch of ways to use this, especially corner and select midscreen setups. not that easy to do yet..

wierd combo(tested vs mag/storm/cable doesnt’ work on sent),c.fp+tron sj with this as early as possible)XXqcb fk(tron juggles) land and walk back one step, juggle them mid-air with s.lp, and yup, super jump cancel into the rushdown option tree from a different angle (again)

congrats if you actually read all that.

I’ll post up more when i find it.


chun ron is by far her best partner. Chun li gets mobile. Her problem is pinning someone to allow for proper mixups which is what tron does. Chun is pretty versatile when it comes to team chemistry so theres a variety of teams that can be used w\ her.

Chun on point is what you really want. Her dhc’s in don’t do very much life nor are any of them safe solo w\o bringing assists into the mix and only a super laggy assist like doom would properly let her in safely but not 100% sure. Start her to maximize building bar, mixups+tron, and her dhc’s out that fuckn nuke characters clean.

Now, chun has 50\50 front side inifinite setup, 50\50 backside infinite setup BUT she also has a throw+infinite depending on the assists you use. So she’s triple option deadly w\o the need for bar.

  • assists that you can throw into + infinite.**

so far IM\WM and maybe doom. I know for a fact that if you throw into IM\WM it’s a free infinite but you have to do her instant reverse throw. Dash into throw range, call your assist that sets it up, hcb+p. With IM\WM after you instant reverse throw, you gotta walk back just a tad, s.lp,, SJC, square jump cancel immediate, delay, sj.rh, s.lp, etc…

triple option death is just nothing nice to fuck with.,, c.fp, qcf+kk, mash it out, qcf+PP dhc’s into PC, is like 133 or something on cable who’s max life is 143 so your 10 pts off of killing someone. If you get a small CH air combo, its a free mixup after FS where you have the option to do the basic magic series+tron, super, dhc.

so she has death patterns with IM and I don’t see why specific chun teams aren’t capable of getting perfects.

CH sj.lp,, sj.fp, FS, mixup+tron if it hits connect any of her supers, qcf+PP DHC PC in, dead character, inescapable guard break, infinite, PC combo in the corner to kill them off, next character comes in, inescapable guard break done and you just got a chun perfect.

The one problem with chun\IM ron is that there are no safe DHC’s in but chun gains triple option death and once she has 2 bars, and ground combo+tron is ggpo if you know your IM shit.

Chun even has a frame kill setup off her srk+KK, dhc PC or any other assist with a 0 frame dhc startup.

Chun is the new shit!!

I’m going to try out Chun/Strider/Tron for serious after reading these articles!

thread is dead but this is for those that use it.

instant overhead setup+tron

dash in lp, jump dfk+tronXXairdash forward delayed


you can modify it a few ways but that’s a pretty consistent 4 hit combo+reposition

bitch is gettin better

confirmed setup

instant overhead with chun into death

sj or reg jump foward whiff lk works perfectly(you have to work off of the hitstun from the the fact that when u airdash past the opponent, all three rings will hit), tricky timing at first but i can do it on storm cable ect at this point.

after that u launch into infinite, knockdown-> flying screen setups with more free strings = death

edit: vs cable, chun has 2 hit instant overhead setup, dash in jump lk, forward whiff lk is easier to try at first than the above setup.

chun is brooooooooooooooooooooooooooke

everyone is trying chun now… wow…

Instant overhead note

to get the combo to work everytime, you need to time it kinda like a kara

call tron first then Immediately time-
-chuns instant overhead jump must be done as early as possible, airdash cancel lk as soon as possible.

the nice part about the difficulty of that set up is:

dash in lp,c.lp,, all poke nicely into the above setup…dash in c.lp is 2 frames tho, stick with that for + frame setups.

imo chun tron have the nastiest instant overheads that are simple to setup + maximize damage

instant overhead+tron airdash cancel lk, land lk,fk sj 123 fp, flying screen then repeat the instant overhead setup when the opponent wakes up, easy dead character.


corner guard break setup with chun

sj airdash foward lk,delayed mp or mk,(guard is broken) fk(this will combo if they take the hit), land s.lp,s.mpXXsuper jump cancel into infinite…

duo comparisons based on offensive potential.

how fast can a character lock somone down and switch their attacks from hi-lo?

I need a capture card to properly answer that statement BUT




chun/tron both have comparable options to the top tiers once they get a blockstun scenario.

morrigan having jump cancels amongst other beastly shit

and chun has 1 frame mixupwith jump + tron = switch sides into rerush

magneto doesn’t even have the same kind of options. At least as of now i don’t know anyone who can instant overhead with magnetos sj and then combo from it consistently.

the only other duos in the game i think that lock down this way


If i can ever get anyone to read this thread…

anyone have a thought on it?

alright, i’ll try a bunch of this shit out next time i play

good shit mike


Get AIM!

i want to talk strategy with you sometime.:lovin:

Just a note…that insn’t overhead doesn’t work well against Sentinel JUST LIKE IT.

IF u make:, j.d+hk, dash or j.d+hk, Tron, dash xx it will work fine. The usage of the assist is right timed, u can see the transcript of my vid for that.

Plus u can make different mixups . U can either dash to the other side, or wait after the stomp, then airdash in with multiple air moves

And I made a different crossup wih tron combo, I will post later with better followups that Im thinking out. =)

EDIT: sorry… to many mistakes U know =\

IDon’t have it… I got msn only… well… I will try to downlaoid it… it’s for free right? -__-

of course its free, get it from, they should still have some good links up.

my aim name is mixupmike.


i beasted w her and got a perfect:nunchuck::china:



i saw some recent vegita-x vids, and let me tell you, if vegita-x learned Chunli like he learned rogue, he’d wreck shop. Chunli almost seems as fast as speed-up rogue.

I wonder if chunli/rogue/tron would work…

Chun/Rogue/Tron would be a deadly team…but if chun got hurt, no good dhc on block to rouge. Rouge’s anti-air is kinda weaksauce too. I like the idea of chun and rogue on the same team though…throw assist into upper shom midscreen? Oh yes.