Chun Li Tech/Frame Data Thread: ICPO Cyber Security *3/7 Update*

Thread to generally discuss tech, setups, frame data and other creative things outside of the neutral game for Chun.

Gilley Frame Data (easier to view)

Dantarion Frame Data

Darklight’s meaty setups after soft knockdowns and forward throw.

Chun Li fireball evasion options**

Different ways to Tiger knee MK legs (instant air legs)

Late Cancel c.MK into MK SBK**

This is taking advantage 2 things. One is the ability to cancel c.MK into special moves after the active frames are done. It’s called a late cancel which is a similar property that her c.MK had in 3rd Strike. It’s also taking advantage of the quick charge time for specials in V.

The input I use off a s.MP is s.MP~d, c.MK, u+MK. You basically piano s.MP into down so you can start charging on the earliest possible frame. You can also delay the link for the c.MK a bit with the input buffer to catch some extra frames to charge. Then hit up+MK a bit after the active frames are done for the c.MK.

Kararesu’s set play off CC c.HK and other combos/tech.**

KSabot’s new tech with walk forward s.LP, b+HP, LP fireball combos and stomp tricks.


3, xx SBK (and, cr.lp, st.lp xx SBK) is so hard lol, but definitely her BnB. The corner carry, the knockdown/setup afterwards, everything is just superior than just ending in lightning legs. I’m convinced that if you can’t do this combo then you should pick a different main.

How can you do standing low punch and follow it by spinning bird kick? Aren’t you loosing the charge the moment you stand up?

3 frame buffer for normals + late canceling the gives you time for the SBK charge. It’s probably the highest execution thing in SFV.

I know this is off topic, and no offense to those that believe in super high execution, but man alive it feels good to see people saying stuff like that. Gone are the days of flubbing basic combos because you dropped your plink on a 1-framer or missed a button on your slide/piano.

What a glorious time to be alive. We’re truly living in the future boyos.

It’s just that charge times are so fast that you can literally lose your charge, then restart your charge during the s.MP and still get time to charge SBK. You’re basically just framing the charge so the timing is strict. You technically aren’t charging until you hit s.MP. the c.LP is just the start of the bnb.

You can definitely still play Chun without the combo. My execution is getting pretty consistent with it, but if you can’t do it her buttons are still really good and comboing into HK or EX legs isn’t the worst thing in the world. Once you get V Trigger you can do bigger combos for less execution any ways.

Execution is much more streamlined in this game. There will be things like this that will be discovered, but you won’t have to anime every single 2 and 3 hit bnb. You can just do A2 Rose c.MPx2, Spiral arrow if you want and just play some damn neutral sometimes LOL.

No reliable frame data yet?


You hold charge till the last second and when you’re moving your directional pad/stick upwards for the SBK you quickly do a st.lp in between. It’s done really fast. The game remembers the charge for a split second. If you do it too slow, the game will have forgotten your charge and the SBK won’t come out. If you do it too late, then you’ll get a jumping jab or something.

See here:

Well yeah, you can derp around with her all you want. But I’m talking about if you can’t play a character to its fullest potential, then it’s just a waste and your time might be spent better playing other characters. I’m not saying it can’t be consistent with enough practice, but it’s just one of those things that’s easy to drop under high pressured situations.

Maybe I’m just having a tough time learning to do it consistently cause I never played a charge character before.

Man alive. That’s a pretty brutal stance you’re taking there, Skeletor.

“I must possess all or I possess nothing!”

Chun Li’s buttons are good. Walk around and hit buttons and you’ll be alright.

Thanks. Should this be in the top posts?

Getting those late cancel charge moves was a pain, but I made a video exploring most (I feel like I missed something?) of Chun’s combos in the final version of the game.

[quote=“MarLonLonMilk, post:15, topic:177734”]

Getting those late cancel charge moves was a pain, but I made a video exploring most (I feel like I missed something?) of Chun’s combos in the final version of the game.


Awesome! Technically there weren’t any dfhk combos, but that move is interchangeable with jump ins anyways.

Well…frame data isn’t really tech, but since it helps find tech and is pretty important I’ll add it.

Stuff for instant stomp canceling into air legs: Late canceling the stomp into legs makes it so you fall faster during the air legs. Cancelling too fast seems to cause you to stay in the air longer, and linking the legs after just keeps you in your stomp trajectory as you do the legs.

Yeah that’s what I thought too.

A note for that data, Dantarion doesn’t think the V-Trigger data is accurate because he isn’t sure how the 2 hits mechanic effects the frames. I’m still holding out hope that it increases frame advantage, will see what I can work out when I get home from work.

It seems frame advantage is mostly the same. Just block stun is longer.