Chun Li : Technical Information & Strategies

I’ve attached a pdf file of Chun’s THROW information as a starter.
More information coming soon.

Please correct me if I’ve made any mistakes, typos, incorrectness.
Feel free to contribute if I’ve missed anything.


If this is a strats thread, can we get some character specific stuff too? I need help with fighting a really good ken. For instance: if they Wakeup SAIII, what would beat that?

hold back, punish.

and if you CAN’T block it?

meatie if u don’t know what that is then watch this vid [media=youtube]Gt_IFnwKjBs[/media]

as u can see ken has over two meaties

I havw a couple of questions
how can you make
Back fierce , lightning legs (right away) as an anti air
dash lightning legs
and walk up lightning legs

I see MOV and other chun lis use this a lot

can anyone explain me

meaty is not going to stop wakeup SA3. just block. if you can’t block, then don’t do whatever you did to not be able to block.

b+HP -> lightning legs: b+HP+MK (at the same time), mash MK is my method. some people use HK, i recommend MK.

dash lightning legs: buffer legs during the dash. e.g. F,F???~double tap/mash K x 2, jump back HP -> HP+mash K, F,F???~double tap/mash K. Just practise the buffer and you’ll know when you can and you can’t press it.

walkup lightning legs: according to my friend, this is done by buffering lightning legs so your next press will be lignting legs, downback for 1/2 second (store charge), walk forward, double tap K

ok, so in my original post, I called him a REALLY GOOD ken. So, to elaborate on that, how do I deal with his air cross ups? So far, the best I’ve come up with in dealing with his cross ups and jump ins, is a dash under. But even that doesnt work 100% any suggestions?


If you want to do the Kara - Lightning Kicks like MOV in last SBO:

Buffer a K. Mk:K or KK to do the EX.

what does he do to not let u block?

Its not the fact that I cant block. Its the fact that If I do, im stuck on defense for pretty much the entire match. Also, even if I DO block, there’s no guarantee that he won’t get me out of it. It seems like he’s recovering before Im out of blockstun and then he follows up with something else. Either a low or UOH. then, he’ll add the throw sometimes just to make it more confusing. Basically, and anti Ken strat in general would be helpful to me.

there is no way he can recover from a blocked shippu before you get out of blockstun… you just gotta be quicker.

No, I misunderstood The “not let you block” part, from Daigo Jr., I thought he was referring to the crossups. I couldnt block the shippu cuz I would have been chipped to death, whereas a traded hit would have caused Double K.O. I can block shippu no problem. I was referring to his ken doing a jump in kick crossup, and landing with a target combo to either a low, uoh, or throw. Not a Shippu-> something else. I may be a scrub, but I know better than that lol.

I’m really confused as to what you’re asking, but uh…

If you’re asking what will trade with a wakeup reversal shippu that Chun has, I can’t think of anything. Maybe something really really meaty (I doubt it) or like… trading with active frames of a super.

A fireball would trade / beat it if you positioned yourself right.

Otherwise just block … If it’s gonna chip you to death, parry / redparry it. There’s not much you can do to a closeup reversal shippu on reaction, but if you know it’s coming, parry it or jump.

Hope that helps?

I never thought of the fireball option. Otherwise, there’s not much new. I assume the b.HP meaty will work as a trade…
Otherwise, anyone have any advice on dealing with crossups?

I don’t think meaty b+HP will trade with reversal shippu. Try it out for yourself, though, I guess. Anyone wanna verify this? I don’t recall b+HP ever trading with shippu, though it will trade with shoryu sometimes.

As for crossups … block is good of course. Jump straight up HK is pretty good if you anticipate it, same with air throw.

But the best option I think is to dash under.

b+HP won’t trade with shippu. At lleast, I’ve never seen it.
properly spaced (= not too close) meaty b+HP actually beats cleanly reversal LP and MP shoryu (no trade at all) and trades vs HP/EX shoryu

As for the b.HP, thanks for clearing that up. I’ll verify this when I have time. For crossups, I try to parry first hit and then airthrow immediately. If parried right, it doesn’t seem to whiff very much and it makes them think twice about a jump in. Otherwise, the dash under is what I go with and it works very well. Though, alot of the time all the dash under results in is a teched throw against Ken.

Thanks for clearing up the difference among the SRK’s. I had seen in that meaty vid b.HP beating out SRK, but everytime I tried it, I took damage and now I know why. Though its gotten to the point where I’ll dash in-> bait hp SRK -> Dash out -> Throw opponent as he lands. It’s good to know why my other strats weren’t working. Thanks for the help.

Versus crossup mk, there’s an option select you can use with any character, simply tap back at the last possible second before you get hit… if hits you from the front, you’ll block, but if it crossed up, you’ll parry it.

Chun has nothing poke wise that will beat/trade with shippu

as for dealing with kens crossup depending on range/situation you can walk under or walk back and cr fwd/whatever, duck it and cr fwd their landing or option select parry/block(as said)

as for beating/trading shoryu’s point blank meaty cl rh or back fp spaced properly (as said)