Chun Li - The Warrior and... Chatterbox

Hi everyone,

Please find my newest sketch attached

Is it me or does her face look slightly funny? This is totally weird, but when i look at the original sketch there doesn’t seem to be this problem - maybe it’s my eyes. But it so does seem like my scanner slightly skewed her face and nothing else… Meh it’s probably me.

Please, please tell me what you guys think, i know i’m not one of the more popular artists on the forum and my threads don’t generally attract the number of replies like SFMC’s do, but i would really appreciate your opinions.

I tried to add alot of detail particularly on the clothing folds and the hands (which were a bitch). I think i’ll use PhotoShop next time, hand shading just takes too damn long.


It’s great stuff, just work on the nose and you’ll be fine.

Good Work.

Your pencil shading is top notch as per usual. It’s a nice pic and good idea.

I think the head’s a little big or the hands need to be bigger. Travis is right about the nose too.

Your art has nice soft edged feel to it. Have you tryed doing much inking? I’d be intested to see the result. I’ve used pencil shading and ink lines together it comes out looking pretty cool sometimes. Even if the ink is from a biro and you’ve combined the biro and pencil shading together.

There’s a picture of guile in my gallery somewhere on this forum using that technique.

Good work!

Lookin good. I agree with the others, the main parts that need work are the hands and the nose. A few things to keep in mind:
The length from wrist to fingertips should, generally, be about the same as chin to about halfway up the forehead. And another thing to keep in mind about hand size is that if they aren’t quite the wrong side, it’s better to error on the side of too big, because hands are very expressive and it’s generally a lot less noticible if they are too big than too small.(Although you gotta be careful with females and not give them man hands :p)

About the nose. Noses should almost always be larger at the tip than at the bridge. Most of the time in women you should try not to emphasize the bridge too much. A significant bridge tends to be a more masculine feature. Instead, show the nose mostly by drawing the underside, where the shadow would be.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I really like how you’ve captured the pose - she really looks like she’s pushing the fringe out of her eyes while she’s talking on her mobile. Her eyes are to the side, giving a slightly distracted look, making the whole fringe thing seem like a subconscious act -making the pic come together very nicely with a nice, natural feel. Well done on that :slight_smile:

CptMunta & Chainwhore give some good tips, so I won’t repeat. I’d add to work on your proportions (fastest is to learn this from drawing books). First proportion the head, neck & shoulders accordingly and then work on the arms & hands. Her face is a tad small for her head (results in a high forehead), so you can afford to scale that up a little.

keep drawing! post more stuff :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks everyone for the great response, this is so awesome. No, really - you know, i feel inspired now.

It is?.. Hmmm, I think my ego just got bigger. Thanks CptMunta. I always thought people thought i sucked, hence the lack of replies.
I have tried some inking, i’m very good. I think the problem is my need be too neat, as a result my hand gets really stiff and i lose alot of fluidity. I will try harder in the future though.

I think you’re right the head, it IS kind of big and the nose IS a bit poor. Darn it. Thanks for the tips on the nose CHAiNwhore, it’s funny the little subtleties that distiguish between male and female, thank you.

I’m still not so sure on the hands, i actually intended to make them bigger and fuller, but as continued work on them they just gradually got smaller, i think a part of me is more fightened of having very masculine opposed to smaller non proportional hands. I wanted make sure her hands were feminine - but i guess i over did it.

Thanks TRAVIS, i’m really glad you like it.

Thanks rook, i think adding details for people to find are the best things about art, which is why i love doing it - you can literally do anything. rook, you should post more too!

Thanks again everyone!