Chun li them for k800i



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Hi amigadala, i’m not sure you have need to make a new thread each time you want to speak about something.

Use this



Yeah, you’ve needlessly made at least 4 threads already when you could’ve just posted in one of the sticky’s up top. Here, this video explains just what I want to say:



Yeah, this guy’s threads fail to the extreme. Go play Sakura :/.



i just want to share it with users here.i dont think theres is allrdy an existing topic for this case.
AND its not my fault,that here is no traffic so that the last threats all startet by me…within theese threats are a few days…so check some other forums,if there is enough traffic,the threats disappear quicker than (insert metapher here)

nvm…sorry at u all im out now.i dont belong in this forum…i never open threats again sorry…

e:rly sorry for that (no srcasm) i spend much time at if u open threat there and just 10 seconds w8 till klicking refresh button (browser) its dissapeared from 1. page


I’m glad you never open threats. Can’t go around openly threatening people you know.


Hey man, try not to take it too hard, I wasn’t trying to slander you or anything. I was just trying to give you some advice so you don’t get flamed to all hell, though the video might make it seem otherwise (I just didn’t feel like typing at the time).

Btw, if your topic doesn’t belong in any of the other sticky’s you can usually get away with posting it in the Fellowship thread.


thx…too late.

maybe im ignorant,but i thought this one RLY should earn an extra topic…cause …hmm…its rly nice theme…nvm


In fact, the problem is your title.

I know you wnat to share information but if you make a thread “Theme for k800i”. Do i need to make a new thread about theme for blackberry or Nokia N-95 ?

You see my point ? Your thread are too specific.

“cant beat gief…any tips?” “plz someone explain me this” “some combo tips”

For example a thread about theme, wall paper, derivative product on Chun li is better but try to make a thread useful for you and anyone else.

For me a thread is for regroup several ideas

A purpose of a thread is not to disappear in 10 seconds :wink:


nvm…i had a long discussion with ignorant users yesterday…nn this again.
this forum is not that,what i expectet.its not like friendly discussion etc here.
most ppl (not u.ur critik was essentially)here seem so bored,all they have to do the whole day is search “faults” from a new member like me,and if he makes “a fault”…flame him till whatever.“blabla,i got bigger balls…im older member…dont do this…dont do that”…not ONE mod pmed me and closes this "useless threats"from me.THIS would be the right way to handle such situations…but not start a discussion in the “useless” threat.

just look in the threat “cant beat gief”.i mean,wtf was that?!a discussion about HOW i should learn to play?!if someone asks me about things he dont know,i try to help him.every adult should be able to choose his way of lear…ahh…nvm…nn this discussion again

i just made a theme for this handy and i want to share with the community.ok,maybe u are right,and writing its for k800i is too “specific”,but if u own another handy u cant use it and u would waste ur time in here.that was my thought.

i just want to share with the community and what did i get?! look above

im not angry about that…i just think this isnt the right place for me.
and as u see @ comments above:theyre happy about the fact,i never post again threats

and the non essential description:
i rly dont give a f*ck about that…im not welcome here (thats what this makin me feel)…so…whatever…

thats not what i mean :wink: i just wanted to say : its not one of my habits to see a forum act like this

e:i just surfed around in and recognized.only here are such problems with "useless"threats…i mean,just check the first site of ryu forum…there are way more crap topics than those i opened.and NO (or just some) flaming there

(lets see,how long it takes,till the first idiot says:“play ryu and post there”)


Don’t take it personnaly, GensouGoroshi explain himself, MagnetoManiac is Magneto ^^ and was trying to said it’s a little extreme to make thread like that and to finish bytex was just joking about ThreaT and ThreaD

Nobody want you to leave and nobody said you make useless thread. If you read your last threads, someone always answer you with a good smile, no joke and accurate info

In fact the chun li forum is different from the Ryu forum.

Look the sticky thread from Ryu ( 4 pages, 7 pages, 18 pages, 15 pages)

Now here ( 137 pages, 66 pages, 67 pages, 44 pages)

Here we talk most in the sticky thread.

I don’t know what is the best organization to be honest.
Sometimes i feel like the sticky thread has a lot of good informations lost in those pages :frowning: but sticky thread are good to talk about quickly thing.

In hope to see you again with good info to share on chun li or some concerns.


see,thats EXACTLY what i thought of :wink:

i dont want to read 60+pages for the info id like to have.
nvm…nuff said


NOW i got it xDDDDDD

hmmm…low english skills+low orthography skills = this happens