Chun-Li Themed Custom Arcade Stick Finished, Check It

Hey guys, i just finished my first stick ever! It is CHUN LI themed, and I made it using the CUSTOMCADE ARCADE STICK BOX from MODCHIPMAN. It really is a great product. He has all the other parts too!

Remember, this is my first attempt, be kind haha. I know the paint job is not the cleanest, but it is my first attempt ever, and also next time I will paint the box b4 the parts are in. So what do you think?

*Update: Yes, the characters are Chinese like CHUN, they mean endurance, love, and loyal.

Individual Pics Full Size:

Next up is a Red & White RYU themed stick, I already have the red/white two-toned Sanwa buttons made. Going to be even better!

dat artwork.

LOL another thread poster said that we should keep count. But still that is a nice stick.

There’s already a topic for custom sticks

The Chun-Li art strikes AGAIN!

looks good man. I saw it the first time you posted it unpainted and with the art the wrong size. Definitely a huge improvement.

sorry about wrong thread… if you can pls move it… thanks :slight_smile: Happy easter

nice stick man! good job! Chun Li strikes again! lol… I’m not too big on those button labels though. it clutters the artwork too much. But overall, very nice!