Chun-Li Thread


The option select is good so you can beat scape tools such as Ryu’s Tatsumaki, which has a short period of invulnerability and would otherwise leave Ryu safe, far from Chun. Video example here.


Edit: a lot of stuff in my post sounded dumb.
Doing legs standing there is pretty safe but it screams “throw a fireball” at a shoto.

O. Chun is pretty darn strong too. Thebastard rushed me down REALLY hard with her last night. I may use Chun’s old version a bit more.
It’s that mixup x|. It’s nuts. Combined with the better zoning and air normals she can also corner trap pretty effectively and beat out most jump ins. Claw jump light p beat her out but it doesn’t do enough damage to be scary.

Thebast was getting in on me, and altering the spacing on df hk. so I had to guess which side to block, and whether to block high or low. He would also do it out of range sometimes so I would have to guess whether or not to block to begin with. And If I blocked correctly he could go overhead stomp, high, or low, or throw, plus all the frame-trap/throw mixups chun has anyway. So hard to deal with. And he was good at catching on to throw abuse, which is a way I beat out old characters.

I heard o chun has lesser ground normals, but I need to make her not jump, and she can beat tenshokyaku clean. What I can think of is to zone her and make her run into anti airs like with a jumpy geif, but her air normals are so good, and her zoning is better… And that sbk is better to get out of things. Thoughts there?


lol, well, u can always walk under O.Chun when jumps in, then grab her.
O. Chun doesnt have xup attacks plus no mp/grab trap.

the point of df hk is to make it as ambiguous as possible, also u can either block high or low, it doesnt matter, just worry about blocking left or right.

O. Chun sbk is easy to punish, sweep it


Just in case you guys did not noticed, in the chun wiki there is a list of differences between old and new that is prolly complete:


I was al

I was also super sleepy at the time.
I am the rare east coast usa st player. So I’ve been up longer than practically everyone else. I can’t verify though. I miss the old map.


Keishin Chun Li at GameSpot Versus Rambat:
High-level stuff, as usual. He goes against Kurahashi, Choshu, Numa and M.B★. He usues the usual tricks and combos, such as Chun’s patented 3-hit link combo ending in a sweep, instant overheads, safe meaty crouching short, st.Strong harassment, st.Strong throws, well-spaced cross-up aerial kicks on wake-up, etc. This guy shouldn’t go unnoticed just cos of Otochun and Nuki.


Now I have to up my mother fucking chun game.


With Chun’s neckbreaker if it is quite deep you block it the other way . So if chun is 1p, gets a knockdown and goes for a very deep meaty neckbreaker the opponent would block by holding left down or just left. If it is not deep they can just block by holding right. With N and Oken you can reverse with a fierce dp if Chun does a very deep neckbreaker. Just make sure to do it the other way (if chun is 1p gets a knockdown and does a very deep neckbreaker the input would be a dp on the 1p side.


I find that it depends on how close they are to you when they do the neckbreaker. If they’re point blank next to you, it tends to cross up, otherwise, you block it normal. For some reason it helps to always block it low, since most of the time when I try to block high, I get hit.

What i want to know, is how Chun is able to land the neckbreaker on the cross-up side, and then switch sides on you. I’ve had this happen a few times, but I don’t think the Chuns I played were able to fully control it. You have to block it cross-up, and then block it correctly, because she stays on the same side. Very bizarre.


I think chun being point blank next to you is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for her to cross up. I agree when she is point blank next to you it crosses up often but I think that also depends on how early or late chun goes for the neck breaker. Even if she is point blank next to you on wakeup, if she does the neck breaker late I don’t think it will cross up.


Great. I’m just thinking I should just learn to DP or spin kick on wakeup to avoid these ambiguous situations.



You guys know you have awesome stuff here, in the form of OG SRK posts:

NKI has also several important comments in the ST Chun Wiki. Neckbreaker included.


3 hits + super (11hits) n cross super same deal …



linking the kick medium and special chun-li…by Binera brazil


Great video, but you should make your video screen bigger, get rid of the st logo and other stuff!


This is a phone recording… but, you get input display, handshow, idk what else do you need to get this move down.


I saw nuki throw some one, and then the second time he threw them it did massive damage.

is the damage off of mp random, or did he just use hp throw the first time?


Assuming the other guy didn’t tech any of the throws, it would seem like he used the HP version. They both look the same, but the MP does some spd-like damage.


What strength tenshokyaku do I use to follow up senretsu?


Short has longer start-up, so it often hits only once. The other versions (Fwd and RH) should hit twice with not too much timing required.