Chun-Li Thread


I find that it depends on how close they are to you when they do the neckbreaker. If they’re point blank next to you, it tends to cross up, otherwise, you block it normal. For some reason it helps to always block it low, since most of the time when I try to block high, I get hit.

What i want to know, is how Chun is able to land the neckbreaker on the cross-up side, and then switch sides on you. I’ve had this happen a few times, but I don’t think the Chuns I played were able to fully control it. You have to block it cross-up, and then block it correctly, because she stays on the same side. Very bizarre.


I think chun being point blank next to you is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for her to cross up. I agree when she is point blank next to you it crosses up often but I think that also depends on how early or late chun goes for the neck breaker. Even if she is point blank next to you on wakeup, if she does the neck breaker late I don’t think it will cross up.


Great. I’m just thinking I should just learn to DP or spin kick on wakeup to avoid these ambiguous situations.



You guys know you have awesome stuff here, in the form of OG SRK posts:

NKI has also several important comments in the ST Chun Wiki. Neckbreaker included.


3 hits + super (11hits) n cross super same deal …



linking the kick medium and special chun-li…by Binera brazil


Great video, but you should make your video screen bigger, get rid of the st logo and other stuff!


This is a phone recording… but, you get input display, handshow, idk what else do you need to get this move down.


I saw nuki throw some one, and then the second time he threw them it did massive damage.

is the damage off of mp random, or did he just use hp throw the first time?


Assuming the other guy didn’t tech any of the throws, it would seem like he used the HP version. They both look the same, but the MP does some spd-like damage.


What strength tenshokyaku do I use to follow up senretsu?


Short has longer start-up, so it often hits only once. The other versions (Fwd and RH) should hit twice with not too much timing required.


every time this thawk player had me in the corner, it was the same shit, jump in jab to crouch jab or st jab into that spin throw of his.

is there a way to beat that besides get out of the corner?

holy shit this guy and his jabs


You have to either stop his jump in jab with an anti-air, eat the j.jab and try to reversal the st.jab, or jump into the j.jab and bounce out in order to disrupt his timing. You can also pray that he fucks up his execution and try to reversal throw. At max range on his st.jab, you can jump out before the typhoon grabs you. Of course, you can always super to avoid getting caught by the grab, which lets you do some chip and push him away, effectively giving you another chance to fight him.

But pretty much once you land on your back and he’s in a position to do safe-jumps, you’re dead.


Reversal RH upkicks should beat meaty jumps on you. If he delays the jump, then Short upkicks work better, since they have longer start-up and invulnerability. I believe the standing Jabs should be a greater problem, when Chun is cornered. Walk-up st.Fwd (to get the close version) should beat or trade with diagonal Jab spamming, be if he dives instead, you will probably eat that.


In a nutshell, when playing Against a textbook OS t-hawk its just execution to stop him from getting in the situation. Where he starts his OS and praying that he messes up once he’s started…


General advice for all characters playing against T.Hawk: Don’t get knocked down. I know it’s kind of obvious, but against a talented T.Hawk player, he will wreck your shit once he lands the hit he needs. Every T.Hawk player in the world doesn’t mind sacrificing health to land the perfect hit they need to win a round in 8 seconds. That’s truly the scary thing about Hawk. It doesn’t matter if he’s a pixel away from KO, if he can land that hit, you’re almost guaranteed to be dead.

Just play SUPER lame, don’t go for tick throws, hell, just avoid getting next to him at all costs, and build meter as fast as possible. Supers = your extra 1-up. In case Plan A fails, and it eventually will at some point, your super is your Plan B to give you another shot at winning.


Go O., and jump short his ass back and forth, barely ever staying on the ground, and timing jumps so he whiffs SRK, and then throw him back. If he comes in over for splash fierce, SBK away, instead of eating hits trying upkicks in N. Throwing kikoken at this guy is pretty much game.


Jumping towards Hawk is rarely a good idea, even with O.Chun’s godly j.short. He’ll just wait until you back yourself in the corner. Usually hawks don’t opt to safe-jump Chun anyways, they just do sako ticks. SBK isn’t a bad idea to catch him off guard once or twice, but smart Hawks will trade with cr.fierce, and go for sakos.

But you’re right about Kikoken being risky. It’s fine at max ranges to help build meter, but doesn’t do much to zone him out unless you’re at mid-to-close range. Even then, it’s far smarter and safer just to poke with cr.forward and keep him at bay. This match will definitely test how accurately and quickly you can anti-air his various jump attacks, and he WILL jump at you eventually.


…and meeting him air-to-air with the ‘iron’ short should stop his dive which will kill your air throw. Rising vert roundhouse will also most likely be stuffed by his hard SRK… unless he’s coming down from it. The point raised above about actually eating the jump jab is the key one, as you cannot combo into command grabs on this, or most pre-SFIV games, so you’ll have a slight, split second window to throw him back, basically. Watch for the tech whenever you get a throw, and reposition yourself accordingly. Remember your wall jump when moving back in the air with short. Getting trapped in the corner will almost certainly mean you’ll eat either grab or a hard hit into a dizzy, so if you see that coming, get ready to shake the stick and slam the buttons like crazy as you flip onto the ground, and you may just make it back up and out in time.
If you have N. Chun and actually manage to build super, then the game changes to storing it and trying to lure him into doing what you’ve just been trying to stop.