Chun-Li Thread


Jumping towards Hawk is rarely a good idea, even with O.Chun’s godly j.short. He’ll just wait until you back yourself in the corner. Usually hawks don’t opt to safe-jump Chun anyways, they just do sako ticks. SBK isn’t a bad idea to catch him off guard once or twice, but smart Hawks will trade with cr.fierce, and go for sakos.

But you’re right about Kikoken being risky. It’s fine at max ranges to help build meter, but doesn’t do much to zone him out unless you’re at mid-to-close range. Even then, it’s far smarter and safer just to poke with cr.forward and keep him at bay. This match will definitely test how accurately and quickly you can anti-air his various jump attacks, and he WILL jump at you eventually.


…and meeting him air-to-air with the ‘iron’ short should stop his dive which will kill your air throw. Rising vert roundhouse will also most likely be stuffed by his hard SRK… unless he’s coming down from it. The point raised above about actually eating the jump jab is the key one, as you cannot combo into command grabs on this, or most pre-SFIV games, so you’ll have a slight, split second window to throw him back, basically. Watch for the tech whenever you get a throw, and reposition yourself accordingly. Remember your wall jump when moving back in the air with short. Getting trapped in the corner will almost certainly mean you’ll eat either grab or a hard hit into a dizzy, so if you see that coming, get ready to shake the stick and slam the buttons like crazy as you flip onto the ground, and you may just make it back up and out in time.
If you have N. Chun and actually manage to build super, then the game changes to storing it and trying to lure him into doing what you’ve just been trying to stop.


Don’t get knocked down in the first place is the best advice. There isn’t any sure way to get out of the OS so just avoid the situation. “How do I get out of the OS” is the wrong question, the question is “how do I avoid getting into the situation in the first place?”


Of course, which is why I stated it that you don’t get knocked down. However, this doesn’t help anyone who’s unfamiliar with the matchup, or who wants some more in-depth advice. I think it’s good to sort of explore her options in a variety of situations. Nobody will ever play such a perfect game to say that you’ll NEVER get knocked down. Basically, it’s prudent to have a Plan A, B, and C, just in case the match doesn’t go your way.


that reminds me of the shitty old advice, “how to prevent sexual diseases” the best method is the abstinence" what kind of fucking advice is that LO0l

so that applies to Hawk, u want to rush him down, not playing some chicken runaway strategy, u want to let know who the boss is :slight_smile:


Well, I think it’s all about learning the most IDEAL option, and then exploring other options after that. Obviously, not having sex is the most effective way to not get STDs, much like how not eating food won’t make you fat. It’s kind of dumb and obvious, but at least it branches off to other trains of thought on how to fix the problem.

Yeah, you can rush him down and let him know who the boss is…until he knocks you down. And then he’ll prove that he’s the boss. lol.


have to say, post of the yr for me

quote=“SesshaZL, post: 7518782, member: 35545”]every time this thawk player had me in the corner, it was the same shit, jump in jab to crouch jab or st jab into that spin throw of his.

is there a way to beat that besides get out of the corner?

holy shit this guy and his jabs

ok for the jumpuing jab the most inmportsnt thing is to judge if its a safe jump or not. if its not the either upkicks or sbk. its always good to mix it uop. yuou need to really look at the players skills right when y -ou start playing. judge if he has the abillitys to safe jump, built in dp or negative edge. mix it up between sbk, upkicks and take the ju ping jab whiuloe keeping your charge to reversal after the cr jab or st jab. ur gonna have to guess when he is gonna tick or if you have superman reactions watch when he goes for the tick.

for the standing jab into 360, vmost niggas dont realize HO9W GHHARD it is to perform RIGHTR. If i was you, i woukld bank on the hawklk playewr not doing it right. how are you gonna know if he is doing it right? do a sbk on wake up vs his st jab into 3620

if he ends up jum ping BACK or STRAIGHT UP, he is not doing it right. but bewware, even though he isnt doing this right it doesntrt mean that if y0u blok it, it wont end up in a 360lameded.

a real thawk player like mah big homie will not only stay groundedbut, your uplicksd or your sbk will whiff or be blocked adn then get piunished and reset the whoe thing accorfdingly.

there is a lioght at the end of the tunnel though. this is extremly hard to do!! hardert

I can copunt on opne hand, ONE HAND INCLUDIONG THE JAPS, the number of plauyers that can do this.
I personaly would bank on execution error if i played gay ass chun.

now after this, the hawk player can start using baits so then i comes down to a mix of wake up sbk, up kicks, nothing and reversal g4rab.


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How does Chun beat Dictator? Can anyone give me some tips on the matchup?


Keep frame advantage against dictator. Also you can beatall his jumpins with st mk or st rh. LL beats everything he has on the ground. KEEP FRAME ADVANTAGE.


How do you do O.Chun neckbreaker


Get really close to the opponent and move the stick either backwards/forwards + roundhouse. It’s pretty crap.


on that note, I know chun’s neckbreaker was in CE for sure (I’m surprised it goes back that far, I originally thought ages ago, It started in HF). but was it in WW?



Otochun x Shogatsu
match 1, match 2


Ok…i have seen this in gamespot versus videos from time to time… against opponent waking up and blocking( or not blocking) …they do a jab fireball…walk along with the fireball and do crouching medium kick into super… how did they do that? I knew the standard walk up stored super motion just not sure to do the walking followed by crouching medium kick into super…


The store charge on Chun’s super is extremely generous. So much so that when you hold the final “forward” direction to store the super, you can briefly put the stick in up, neutral, or down and then forward again, and you’ll still maintain her stored super.

So this leads to fun tricks like storing super, doing a neutral jump attack and immediately hold forward again, tricking your opponent into thinking you lost the stored super, and when you land you activate super to punish their attempt to attack you.

So with this idea in mind, you can also press straight DOWN instead of doing something like a neutral attack. Now you can freely do a cr.MK x super, since you can special/super cancel off of cr.MK. Surprisingly easy to do once you get used to the motion and also don’t accidentally do df.MK instead.


I see…i get the whole idea now…thanks el trouble…very informative…you have whatsapp by any chance? I pm you my number so we can chat more … i am a good friend of muffinman when he came to singapore a few years ago…cheers bro…


Was that present in HDR, and is it in USF2? If so, then I guess I still had some tricks to learn!

Edit: Actually, I know it isn’t in the latter lol. I know the stored charge is in HDR but unsure if all of its properties remained intact. Neutral jump and retaining charge would be useful.


Yes, it was in HDR. No idea if it’s still in USF2.


I mentioned this before while I was trying to find DED setups (super only comes out if the isn’t blocked) but it seems like DED is random in this game. Sometimes it comes when you have enough meter, sometimes it doesn’t. Didn’t spend a lot of time looking into it though.