Chun-Li Thread


When I first watched it, I imagined that the Chun player did this: charge back, d+f roundhouse, back, forward (for stored super), then kick.

After view it a few times, it seems that the Chun player (after jumping straight up the last time) does a standing jab with some joystick wiggling (which would seem to indicate that he was storing the whole super motion at that point), then walks forward a little, does the d+f roundhouse without activating the super, then does super; if this is the case, then I’m as boggled as you…

A third option might be walk forward (with no super stored), d+f roundhouse then immediate charge back, then the entire super motion (f, b, f) then kick. I’m not an expert on the amount of charge time Chun needs for her super, but it’s probably unlikely that she has enough charge time after only her d+f roundhouse.


Chun Li can store her Super. Charge it, do Forward, Back, and then hold Forward. As long as you never let go of Forward, it’ll stay charged. If you hold D/F and hit Roundhouse, she does the Flip Kick (can’t do Super while Crouching). To activate the Super, just hold Forward and hit Kick.

Honda can do the same.


Given that he refers to the stored super in his post, I think it’s pretty obvious that he already knew about that. :confused:

Problem is, this:

is incorrect. Chun can activate stored super from a (d/f) crouch.


Sorry, didn’t read carefully enough. Completely my bad. My job has been slowly deteriorating my brain. Still, no excuse, and I do feel a bit foolish. Apologies. :slight_smile:

Just that I could swear that I’ve done the Flip Kick into Super before without needing to do any tricks, so it never struck me as something more complex. If the super does get activated while holding Down/Forward, I’m not sure how I did it myself… bleah. I’m sure someone like NKI can answer the question better than me. Especially given that it’s 4:45 a.m. where I’m at right now and I’m still at work.


You can charge the super during the flip kick and do it pretty much as soon as it’s finished. I haven’t actually watched the vid because for some reason it won’t load but I’m guessing that’s what happened.

EDIT: just watched it, he definately could have charged after the neck breaker or he could have just charged back, downforward+RH, back, forward…


yeah chun can super from offensive crouch also if she stores it. which is why you can walk up, offensive crouch, then super through their attempt to stop you walking up.


Im having trouble antiairing Sagat, among other things…

Any Help?


Hey guys, still kinda a ST newbie over here. Anyways…

Was watching the advanced tutorial video on CCC Vol.2 and I remember the part on the instant overheads. They mentioned how Chun’s headstop has so much priority that it can stuff something like a Shoryuken. But watching it in the video, a reversal SRK came out so I was surprised that it did’nt even hit Chun-li despite how much priority the move had. So was wondering if the reason why it hit was because of the angle of move when it landed. And also, in that case, would her headstomp beat out a reversal Tiger Uppercut from O.Sagat?


Chun’s instant overhead only works against DP’s if you do it while you’re on your way up.

And yes, it would beat a Tiger Uppercut also.


NKI,can you please help me? Also, what are Chun anti-airs, and how are each used?


straight up jump hk is really good for jumpins from the front. huge priority, good speed/range, and knocks down. if u getting crossed up block i guess. upkicks can be used sometimes too.


in my (little) experience, very late LK spinning bird kick works quite well against that.


Sorry I missed this before.

Sagat is doing j.Short against you? Why isn’t he doing j.RH?

At any rate, your jump straight up Short should beat everything he has. Or if you have meter, make him land on the super for all six hits, then follow up with upkicks.

For more info, see the Wiki: All About Chun Li


Yeah, nice to know the Wiki is FINALLY back up agian! Hella good stuff!


Im having problems doing stored super thing is there special timing or is it like doing the super but not pressing kick ?


Do the towards, back, towards motion but HOLD the towards part.

And as long as you don’t stray from the up-towards, towards, or down-towards direction too long, you can just hit kick and the super will pop out.

Keep the stick pointed to their side of the screen.

Wait… are you playing Anniversary Edition?


if your playing hyper, hold start when you select Super turbo mode (you’ll hear a different sound). If you don’t she can’t store her super.


im playing the CCC2 Version


^^you just do the motion, hold forward and don’t press kick.

Something that I’ve been meaning to ask for ages. Comboing into super, what are the rules for doing this with chun? I’ve been playing ST for a while now and the 2 characters I have the most trouble with are dic and chun. I’ve never once combo’d dic’s super and I can combo chun’s about 50% of the time from a crouching forward. Weirdly though, I can get boxer’s most of the time. Anyway my question, how come sometimes it cancels and sometimes it only seems to link (and not combo)? I feel like I’m doing the exact same motion but half the time it doesn’t work.

Here’s what I’m doing. Store super, :db: :mk: , :r: :3k: . What is the timing to pull it off everytime?


I just went through NKIs Chun wiki.

Following comment got my attention :

"Anti Fireballs

If you are stuck in the corner, you can do jump back Spinning Bird Kick over fireballs to build meter. Be careful though, because if he see’s this coming, he can deley his fireball and make you land on it."

Huh?! You only wanna use this in the corner?

Nobody bothered to do a straight up jump air SBK mid screen?!

I know the execution is very tricky (you could make a mistake and do jump forward air SBK, land right in front of opponent), but in the old days I used to do this a lot.

Huge meter gain, plus you can still attach Lightning legs when you land, eg after slow fireballs, for additional meter until the next fireball comes.

Great taktic against people who want to stay full distance, shoot you dead and where you turn the tables once you get full meter first.