Chun-Li Thread


Post up combos, strategies, matchup specific stuff, and any fun gimmicks youd like to share.

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

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meaty, c.rh is the best tactic in the game lol.


You should check out NKI’s great guide for Chun-li


I prefer meaty cr.Forward, cr.Fierce. It dizzies like mad.


DF+RH Shenanigans questions

Are DF+RH Shenanigans the most solid wakeup tactic you can do with Chun-Li? I just feel like while it works against most people I play, if I were to play another person who was good at SF2, they would probably know how to handle it.

  • When are the good times to use DF+RH Shenanigans?

  • What’s a better, more solid alternative to wakeup games that keeps the pressure on, if any?

  • What’s a good tactic for wakeup when you can’t use DF+RH Shenanigans?

  • Any characters that DF+RH is largely ineffective against?


This is true. I never do DF+RH against Mattsun (crazy Japanese N.Ken player) because he reveral DP’s it every time. Don’t ask me how.

Also, there are certain characters like Honda where you don’t want to do it, because you have much better options. (Just throw a meaty fireball against Honda. If he buttslams through it, punish him. If he doesn’t, keep him zoned with more fireballs.)

Also, you should never do it against Blanka, because he can reversal ball (either ball will work), and because he’s airborn, he will not be knocked over, but YOU will be. That’s bad.

-When you’re opponent doesn’t know which way to block it.
-Against Dhalsim and Dictator, because they have no way to reverse it (unless Dic has super).
-Against the characters that it can cross up: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Hawk, Cammy, Fei, DeeJay, Boxer.

Against Boxer, I prefer safe jump j.Forward, then make him guess between cr.RH or throw. That, or meaty cr.Forward, cr.Fierce.

Against some characters, I like to simply let them get up and see what they do. Especially characters with good reversals, like Ryu, Ken, Cammy, etc. People want to do that reverasal, so let them whiff it, then punish.

I would almost never do it against Honda, and definitely never against Blanka. Whether or not you should do it against Gief/Hawk is also questionable. You do get free block damage with the lightning legs follow-up, but it’s REALLY bad if you mess up, because you just closed the gap, which is doing his job for him. You want to stay away.


Just wondering, exactly how open are you to attack after you do d/f rh?
I was trying this tactic on a sim player and I wanted to follow up the d/f rh with like a crouch forward to set up throwing options, but it seemed like he would yoga noogie me before the crouch forward would come out. Was I just mis-timing it? or is chun open to attack for a split second after this move? Because it seem to me that if you were to do it to zangief and tried to follow it up with lightning legs, he would just SPD you.

Also, I don’t have any confirmation of this, just my belief, that Chun’s short lightning legs seems to come out faster than her roundhouse lighting legs, is this true? Like for example I know short jump in into short lightning legs is a combo, while short jump into roundhouse lightning legs is not.


Like any meaty, it just depends how well (how meaty) you do it. If you time it well, so that it hits as late as possible, you have a big window of time where they are stuck in block stun but you can move around. If you time it poorly (so that she hits while she’s still up pretty high), you get thrown for free.

Note: I would never do D/F+RH immediately followed by lightning legs, because there is a very good chance that you will get backwards lightning legs, which sucks. I always do meaty D/F+RH, slight pause, cr.Forward xx lightning legs. You only get one or two ticks of block damage, but at least you’re guaranteed not to get backwards lightning legs.


After D/F RH i generally hold D/B mk then lighting legs If i land backwards chun will do the flip kick backwards over him (Generally the player will try an attack and chun will backflip over him and get a free hit.)


What are the properties of Chun’s upkicks/her flashkick maneuver?
I’m pretty sure her short and forward upkicks can stuff most jumping attacks if you time it late, like Sagat’s uppercut but not quite 100% sure about this. I don’t think her upkicks will reverse some of Sim’s drills, the one’s that are angled meaty into her. Do her upkicks have invincibility frames?

Just wondering, does anyone know if her forward upkick has more horizontal range than her short upkick. If so, I would think the forward upkick would be the better anti-air. Does her short upkick have a quicker animation? Is it the better wake up reversal?

How about her roundhouse upkick? It seems like it doesn’t hit until it gets up in the air. Not very good for anti air? I know you can use it for extra hits after her super, but does the roundhouse upkick have any other uses?

Also another random Chun question, I remember watching Otochun and when he would be crossed up on wake up he opted for spinning bird kick. I tried doing this, SBK against a crossup on wakeup, but can’t get it to come out. Are you supposed to do the SBK in the opposite direction?

And another random question, against Rog, when you knock him down, you should be able to get a free jump in right? his shoulder flashkick thing shouldn’t be able to hit a jump in attack on wake up if you time it right, right? What would you opt to use to jump in on Rog on wake up? jump forward? jump short? jump strong? Do you get to throw him for free if he blocks?

Wow and another question, I keep editting this post as I think of them. Against Sim, are Chun’s lightning legs a good reversal for his drills. Sometimes it seems like he can drill through her lightning legs and sometimes it doesn’t. Are her short lightning legs better for anti air drills?



hey NKI, i was wondering what the input properties of lightning legs were and what’s the best hand method to use to get them out quickly? i see videos of ohnuki doing low forward, lightning legs no problem, but i can’t get them out quickly. i’m just piano-ing like it’s cvs2, but i’m not having much success. i’m still sifting through the huge ST thread and i looked in the wiki, so hopefully i’m not being repetitive.

also, i wanted to download some ST stuff (particularly the Dhalsim’s anti-air vs. Chun’s j.Short video) from the page, but all the links were down.



Pop - I thought that you couldnt piano in ST like you can in ST and have to hit the button (like hk) 5 times consecutively.


yeah you have to hit one strength and one strength only to get lighting legs. Just mash on forward and it should come out. Alternatively if you’re very clever, you could piano that one single button.


Oddly enough, in piano there’s a technique to repeatedly tap a key by using three fingers + thumb. It results in less strain, and you can press faster, than if you just use one finger.


Since NKI hasn’t responded to this yet, I’ll try to report what I believe is his method.

I think he hits just one button (forward I guess) with 2 alternating fingers (index and middle probably). I’m surprised it’s not in the wiki, or maybe the thing is down like it usually is…


yeah pianoing using three fingers on one button is what I was refering to. I really wouldn’t bother including your thumb though, the extra effort wouldn’t be worth it I don’t think.

EDIT: above I’m guessing that’s what most people use but using your first, second and third finger is definately more effective if you can do it.


Some Chun Questions:

First, no one really answered my question above. Are Chuns upkicks a 100% anti air if timed late like Sagat’s uppercut? Because it seems like it gets hit sometimes and sometimes it works.

Second in this clip, [media=youtube]54UPznYSz5Y[/media] at 5:55 in Chun does downforward roundhouse move, the flip kick move, into super. How does he do this? With a stored super, doing downforward and roundhouse should bring the super out not the flip kick.


I swear in some other vid in that series I saw the same Chun do walk toward, low foward, immediate super. I was wonderign the same thing as you about that.


that you can do if you do neutral low forward and then quickly go back to towards and hit kick. The case I’m talking about the move that comes out downforward and roundhouse should make the super come out.