Chun-Li Thread


NKI,can you please help me? Also, what are Chun anti-airs, and how are each used?


straight up jump hk is really good for jumpins from the front. huge priority, good speed/range, and knocks down. if u getting crossed up block i guess. upkicks can be used sometimes too.


in my (little) experience, very late LK spinning bird kick works quite well against that.


Sorry I missed this before.

Sagat is doing j.Short against you? Why isn’t he doing j.RH?

At any rate, your jump straight up Short should beat everything he has. Or if you have meter, make him land on the super for all six hits, then follow up with upkicks.

For more info, see the Wiki: All About Chun Li


Yeah, nice to know the Wiki is FINALLY back up agian! Hella good stuff!


Im having problems doing stored super thing is there special timing or is it like doing the super but not pressing kick ?


Do the towards, back, towards motion but HOLD the towards part.

And as long as you don’t stray from the up-towards, towards, or down-towards direction too long, you can just hit kick and the super will pop out.

Keep the stick pointed to their side of the screen.

Wait… are you playing Anniversary Edition?


if your playing hyper, hold start when you select Super turbo mode (you’ll hear a different sound). If you don’t she can’t store her super.


im playing the CCC2 Version


^^you just do the motion, hold forward and don’t press kick.

Something that I’ve been meaning to ask for ages. Comboing into super, what are the rules for doing this with chun? I’ve been playing ST for a while now and the 2 characters I have the most trouble with are dic and chun. I’ve never once combo’d dic’s super and I can combo chun’s about 50% of the time from a crouching forward. Weirdly though, I can get boxer’s most of the time. Anyway my question, how come sometimes it cancels and sometimes it only seems to link (and not combo)? I feel like I’m doing the exact same motion but half the time it doesn’t work.

Here’s what I’m doing. Store super, :db: :mk: , :r: :3k: . What is the timing to pull it off everytime?


I just went through NKIs Chun wiki.

Following comment got my attention :

"Anti Fireballs

If you are stuck in the corner, you can do jump back Spinning Bird Kick over fireballs to build meter. Be careful though, because if he see’s this coming, he can deley his fireball and make you land on it."

Huh?! You only wanna use this in the corner?

Nobody bothered to do a straight up jump air SBK mid screen?!

I know the execution is very tricky (you could make a mistake and do jump forward air SBK, land right in front of opponent), but in the old days I used to do this a lot.

Huge meter gain, plus you can still attach Lightning legs when you land, eg after slow fireballs, for additional meter until the next fireball comes.

Great taktic against people who want to stay full distance, shoot you dead and where you turn the tables once you get full meter first.


The timing for neutral jumping air Spinning Bird Kick is just too wacky for me to do consistently, so I never try it, but yeah, if you’re good enough to get it all the time, go for it!


I never exactly understood how to do the air SBK…can someone explain that to me? The only way I’ve ever read it explained to me was “charge down for one second, then press up-forward/up-back+kick”, but that doesn’t seem right at all.


The command for the Spinning Bird Kick is charge back for a second, then towards plus kick.

Doing a jump back SBK is easy because obviously you just charge back, jump up back, then hit towards+kick in the air. Doing neutral jumping air SBK is more tricky. You have to charge back or down/back, then QUICKLY hit straight up, then towards+kick. The timing is pretty strict.


I spent a few minutes in training mode tonight to see if I could do this move. I didn’t get it once. I was however able to get an air SBK that went forward fairly often by doing this.

  1. Get in corner and charge back
  2. Jump up/back
  3. Quickly, bounce forward off the wall and hit K

I don’t really plan Chun all that much, so I didn’t even realize you could do this :confused: Is there any practical usage of that? Can it help get you out of the corner, or are you more likely to get smacked down trying to do it?


Naw, its just meter building in certain situations. You gain a lot of meter. Meter building in ST was always fun and style, unlike what you mainly see in cough cough 3s …

Serves no other purpose I know of. And as a corner escape move, highly doubt youll get away w/ it.


NKI, I have a couple of questions about your awesome Chun Li wiki if you have a free moment.

1.) Under the Ground Pokes/Footsies section, you say that her cr.RH has more range than her cr.Forward, but when I’ve tested this for myself, they either seem dead even or the difference in range is so miniscule that I can’t tell a difference. Is there something I’m missing? :sweat:

2.) In the Advanced Strategy --> Corner Awareness section, it’s written that throwing an opponent into a corner can result in them teching and landing so fast that you can get punished in response. But in an [media=youtube]TBQRRUo2KIA[/media] game, Dic techs two corner throws (00:19, 00:21) and Chun Li still comes out unscathed, retaining the initiative. Can Dic be considered an exception to the corner-throwing rule because of his unusually long and floaty recovery from throw techs?


Actually, that was my bad. The cr.Forward has more range than the cr.RH. It has been updated in the Wiki.

The reason is because she didn’t throw him from point blank range. Even though Dic was in the corner, Chun was about half a step away when she threw him. If she had thrown him from point blank range, Dic could have gotten a reversal throw for free. I’ve updated the Wiki to reflect that it must be from point blank range.

Thanks for catching those two. I’m glad people are actually reading some of that stuff. :smile:


Not only are we reading it, we’re completely eating it up, because it’s so full of high-level information and extremely well-written to boot.

I have a question about a specific issue with Chun vs. Blanka. In the Chun Li wiki, vs. Blanka section, it’s said that, “Unless she has meter, Blanka can safely do the ball against her…” However, in the Blanka wiki, Advanced Strategy section, under “Using Blanka Balls with Caution,” it says: “Here is a list of attacks that can hit you AFTER your opponent blocks a Blanka Ball […] Chun can walk forward and press FP”

Which one is right, the Chun Li wiki or the Blanka wiki? I’ve never been able to do the walk-up Fierce hit after a blocked ball nor a bunch of the other things on that list, but I suck, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Also, NKI, are you still taking requests for specific character Chun Li matchup strategies to be put into the wiki? :bgrin:


Thanks. :smile:

Hahaha…actually, we’re both wrong. Chun can’t do walk-up st.Fierce, but while I was testing it, I found that she can do walk-up st.Strong. This will only work if she STAND blocks the Ball, because crouching hit-stun/block-stun is longer than standing hit-stun/block-stun.

Sorry about that. I’ve updated the Wiki.

Hrm…I guess so, but I can’t make any promises about how soon I’ll get to it…:confused: