Chun-Li Thread


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Hahaha…actually, we’re both wrong. Chun can’t do walk-up st.Fierce, but while I was testing it, I found that she can do walk-up st.Strong. This will only work if she STAND blocks the Ball, because crouching hit-stun/block-stun is longer than standing hit-stun/block-stun.

Sorry about that. I’ve updated the Wiki.

Hrm…I guess so, but I can’t make any promises about how soon I’ll get to it…:confused:


chamu’s chun li isn’t half bad (on x-mania 7 dvd)

very cute to boot :wgrin:


Hey, could someone make a list of what anti-airs are good against what characters? I realized the other day that I didn’t know a good anti-air VS. Claw, and I’d rather not lose just because someone can jump in on me all damn day.


Nah, I know that…Perhaps more embarassingly, I don’t know what to do about jumping fierce…or any of his jump-ins that aren’t wall dives, for that matter :frowning:


I haven’t been playing st for too long, so I’m no expert by any mean, anyway jump straight short stops him cold, but you have to somehow predict it, because of how fast his jump is. Chances are sometimes he’ll be close enough so he can jump at you and you have no time to jump, in that case s.forward (the close version) MAY trade (i feel it’s a 50-50 situation, but I don’t know really), in that case I tend to block and get ready to tech/reverse after the cr.strong he’ll most likely throw out.
If he manages to jump in on you (and you blocked his jump in), things don’t look too good, you have to guess right what will come next: cr.strong or throw and you have no low charge.
If you’re feeling lucky you could stick out an anti-air s.forward, if it trades the damage trade is in his favour but you got him off you, if it doesn’t trade… good luck.
One last thing, don’t ever use upkicks against vega(claw)'s jumpins, but you probably already noticed that.

Again i’m not a pro, nor have I been playing for years, so I guess some of the older players can give you better advice, my info should be 100% correct though.


nooby queston, sorry

can’t chun store her super in the ae version?
wouldn’t work on the xbox version yet have no difficult doing it in the st rom


you have to hold start (or whatever the alternative is on the xbox) while selecting ST mode. You’ll know it worked 'cos it makes a different sound. You can alos do it when selecting Super mode.


Does anyone know the combination for the chain/renda canceling for Chun-Li’s super? I have seen it a lot in combo videos, but I dont know how it works. The combination i see the most is (close)st.jab->st.jab->cr.jab xx super. If someone can get more specific notation to this (especially which button to kara-cancel), it would be very helpful.

NKI… I’m counting on you to figure this out.


charge :l: :r: :l: :r: st.jab x2, cr.jab xx any kick button, no renda kara cancelling.
It’s like, for example, balrog’s cr. jab x2, s.jab xx high rush.


Thank you for that, saves me a lot of trouble trying to do stuff that wont work :P. Although i requested NKI’s help, this is the answer I was looking for. You have gained the blessings of the Bum King!


I need some help on midscreen combos on dizzied opponents.
B’nB j.RH, s.FP xx FP fireball doesn’t work on some chars, off the top of my head: chun, dic and it’s real hard (for me at least) on claw.
I know I can do j.RH, s.SP, cr.RH but I’d rather use some non-link combos, for example I use cr.FW xx RH upkicks damage isn’t that lower, it still knocks down and has 99.99% success rate but something fancier (and more damaging) would be cool.

On dic I go for j.RH, s.SP xx FP fireball, is that ok?
Chun is like… nuts, nothing works on her, I gave up any hope.

I don’t know if that made sense but anyway I pretty much need a list of working midscreen practical combos for every character.

so far I got:

-Ryu: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Ken: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Honda: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Chun: crossup j.RH, cr. FW xx lighting legs / cr.SK xx RH upkicks (cr.FW will make upkicks wiff -_-)

-Blanka: j.RH/FP, cr.SP xx FP fireball (cr. FW will do too)

-Zangief: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Guile: j.RH/FP, s.SP xx any fireball

-Dhalsim: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-T. Hawk: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Cammy: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Fei Long: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Deejay: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Boxer: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Claw: j.RH/FP, s.SP xx FP fireball (B’nB works but it’s super hard for me, I think I got it once)

-Sagat: j.RH/FP, s.FP xx FP fireball

-Dictator: j. RH/FP, cr.SP xx FP fireball (s.SP is also doable but cr. SP is MUCH more consistent for me)

are those correct?

Link combos such as J.RH, s.SP, cr.RH or j.RH, s.SP, s.FP work on all characters, also her b’nb works on everyone in the corner.

anything I’m missing?


Strats against Guile and Shotos

Hey guys. I was reading NKI’s excellent Chun-Li wiki guide, and I really am learning a ton from it. :clap:

But can someone please provide some strategies against Guile and the Shotos? (NKI, I’m looking to you to complete the guide :wink: )

The guide says she has advantages over Guile, does fairly against Ken, and has a hard time against Ryu. I can probably understand some stuff to do against Ken, but I’m having a major difficulty against Guile.

Against Guile, I have a hard time getting close, since he can keep Chun away with sonic booms, his crouching kicks, and his flash kicks. He also puts pressure by j.fwd mk. Then I feel totally pressured in the corner as he throws more sonic booms, which sucks because she has to charge fireballs or turtle.

And Ryu… Well, it’s Ryu. :sweat: Any help there?

Thanks in advance!


same here i have a really hard time against guiles any tips you can give us NKI?


If he’s throwing booms from far away you can easily j.forward to close the gap, keep him in block stun with cr.forward, s.strong, if you can bait a flash kick faking a walk up throw, knock him down (fireball, upkicks, sweep, whatever), then df+roundhouse all day, beats flashkick clean and crosses him up.
Watch out for his cr.forward since it has longer range than yours, also j.roundhouse has crazy range so don’t get sloppy with your fireballs, and of course if he’s throwing booms from close distance, don’t throw fireballs or you’ll eat a backfist to the face.
And of course, if you see him crouching, don’t jump at him :looney:

I play it simple, don’t try to predict fireballs, not only cause if they fake it out they’ll flash kick you, but chances are he’ll be able to recover in time, not worth it, if you really have to jump at him do it on reaction and remember head stomp beats everything he has when he has no low charge. Should be Chun’s match really.


Random thought on Chun vs. Guile: as far as I can tell, Guile has the potential to do standing anti-air against all of Chun’s most common jumping attacks from medium-far range. If he can position himself perfectly, he can do a s.far strong at just the right moment and distance so that the second hitting sprite (arm extended in the air) barely connects with jumping Chun’s hitbox. This will cleanly beat her j.short, j.forward, j.RH, and j.fierce. Her j.jab and j.strong seem to randomly trade.

Luckily, it seems only the very best Guile players know about and can execute this consistently, but if they do, it can make a barrage of Sonic Booms a lot more intimidating, and you can’t just rely on being able to j.forward over his Booms on reaction from long range.


I have some catching up to do…:confused:

Hopefully tomorrow…


Sure, I meant j. forward from real far away, if he’s from the other side of the screen, you can close the gap (you won’t hit him) and he can’t do much against it.
Or use j. forward over booms if you are forced to jump in, to avoid time out loss or whatever. You shouldn’t be jumping much against Guile, even if he can’t anti-air you he’ll probably block anyway.
I admit I didn’t know of s.strong beating Chun’s jump ins (any vids?), I’m still 99% sure it can’t beat head stomps though, can you confirm?


Yeah, I didn’t mean to be a downer or anything. I’m no expert or anything, and I thought your strats were helpful to read. :tup:

Ha, that makes two of us; I didn’t know about it either for the longest time. It’s pretty obscure (well, unless you’re a pro or something) and extremely difficult to do, but it’s like this:

You can see it in videos like [media=youtube]dm0_JSW7Gik]Tohjyo vs. Muteki video at 1:02 or [url=[/media] at 5:21.

Haha, actually, I hate to be so disagreeable :bgrin:, but I think Guile has one tricky tactic here too, namely trying to make her land on a c.forward:

In the [media=youtube]KscrEJgnNsU[/media] at 2:56, poor Chun does j.forward from far away and takes the low hit. You can also see this sequence clearly at 3:41, though the kick in that one is a hair late and Chun lands in time to block. Guile can also try this tactic of making Chun land on a c.forward if she jumps straight up (over a Boom or whatever). Of course, this is quite difficult for Guile to do, especially 'cause his c.forward comes out moderately slowly, but it is possible.

And yeah, you’re absolutely right in that Chun Li’s head stomp will beat either one of these moves. If Guile gets good at anticipating and punishing that too, then you have a guessing game.


Wow… I’m not jumping ever again against Guile.


Heh, well, I don’t think it’s that bad at all given the all the factors – the obscurity of the moves (especially the s.far strong), the extreme speed and precision required to execute them (if Muteki can’t always pull them off, how are your random opponents going to?), the fact that you can always throw him for a loop with the Head Stomp like you mentioned, or the option to roll the dice with j.jab or j.strong against his s.far strong. I might be overlooking things, too. I think you might argue that this is dangerously close to Theory Fighter for most players and not really of much practical importance.

It’s just that if his air defense is extra tight, the focus turns to the ground. And I think that’s not necessarily the easiest thing in the world either if he wants to turn into a Sonic Boom factory, especially if he can whip them out one after another very fast. It’s hard to advance from middle range or farther against it, and getting into a fireball war has to be done with caution. He can punish you with j.RH from any range, whereas it’s much harder for you to do the same, 'cause Chun’s jump is so much slower. On the other hand, you’re building meter when trading fireballs, so if you’re good with the super…

Again, that’s just my 2 tokens. Don’t take me too seriously; it’s much better to listen to people who don’t suck. :wgrin: