Chun-Li Thread


I figured that you’d already know it already but I thought I’d post anyway. I didn’t realise that it missed certain characters. What I would say though is do it on everyone that it hits and just go for the link on everyone else. There isn’t really another good damage, easy combo that’s universal I don’t think. You could replace the cr. RH with s. FP which I think is a little bit easier but again doesn’t knock down.

actually j. RH, s. SP xx fireball hit’s on both of those characters, it’s really easy and does about 40% anyway. If you don’t have the link down go for that insted. It’s better than missing the link.


I always do the link combo, i don’t really bother with the other one. I get it consistently, and prefer the knockdown. Also you can set up a throw /c.rh mixup after the close strong if you want too.


Which Razor Kick are you doing with Chun? Short has, by far, the most invincibility.

Isn’t Jump Fierce, Fierce XX Lightning Kick the best Combo for Chun Li? That what I usually go for, even though I mess it up a lot. :rofl: But that one works on everyone, I’m pretty sure, does good damage, and leaves you in a decent distance.


I’m using short yeah, that’s the only one I use as an antiair.
Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it looks to me like the red hitbox is on Chun’s legs during the invincibility frames, so if he’s over my head he won’t get hit and he can hit me as soon as my invicibility is over and I’m in a non-hitting frame (
But if you guys say it works, I’ll definitely look closer into it.

I didn’t consider that, but I’m assuming it works on the same chars j.fierce, s.forward xx lightning legs works on, which again isn’t everyone, anyway I tried it against another Chun, which is the one who gives me the most trouble (other than Chun’s mirror matches being terrible for me, but that’s another story), and lightning legs seem to miss, I once got crossup j.fierce, backwards s.fierce xx backwards lightning legs for a 3 hit combo, but don’t ask me how:sweat:
Anyway this is just nitpicking, I’ll go back to practicing that damn link and in the meantime I’ll use the combos I posted earlier.
I’m also interested in how you pull that combo, it’s the first time I really practiced it, what I did was jump, press fierce+forward together, land, mash fierce+forward, works ok on Zangief. Also, is there any difference in damage using short instead? It comes out much more easily.


yea the timing for it is really weird cause sometimes i’ll start mashing the kicks too ealry so i dont get shit out then i get thrown >.>


Actually j.Forward has the bigger hit box, so j.Forward beats a lot more stuff than j.Short. (This is also the reason why it’s easier to use j.Forward for a cross-up.)

Yeah, you gotta have your distance right. If he’s jumping from that close, just take a step forward (to walk under him, because he has nothing to cross you up with) and throw him when he lands.

For lightning legs, Short does one percent less than Forward, which does one percent less than RH.


Updated the Wiki with Chun vs. Guile:

It’s just a primer, so let me know what you think is missing.


You could add that Chun’s cr. roundhouse beats Guile’s cr. forward clean, especially at max range.


Wow this thread is livestock. A lot of good information in here for a semi new ST player. Is jump straight up rh a good anti air versus wall jumping Vegas? I heard jumping short is money against that, but I was just curious. I’ve also gotten caught in gross situations where I was stuck in the corner versus repeated body splashing Zangief and repeated standing fierce, chicken kick thing Fei Long. I’m guessing there’s not much I can do when I’m caught in that situation.


Jump straight up roundhouse is good against wll dives, good damage and knock down, but it comes out somewhat slowly (not that slow, but slow compared to Vega’s speed), on the other hand j. short (straight up or back), while dealing less damage and not knocking down, comes out instantly, stays out until you land, and I think has more priority but you need someone who owns a yoga book to confirm that, it does stuff more jump ins though (shotos’ j. fierce comes to mind), of that I’m sure.
As for splashes, close s.forward beats or trades with them, jump straight up short beats them clean. If you have meter, super out of the corner, you may not hit him and you have wasted a super, but beats dying to ticks.
If you get caught in a chicken wing trap you’re pretty much done for the round, try to look for some opening and jump out, throw, super or something, but if the Feilong player is competent it’s really hard.
Anyway, both Zangief and Feilong are at a disadvantage against Chun, so you should be able to avoid being cornered. There’s more about fighting Gief on the wiki.


I see I see. Thanks for the informative post good sir. =]

I noticed Chun vs O.Sagat wasn’t in the wiki, but I’m guessing the main gameplay against him is to ease your way next to him for standing strong/throw madness. Super of course as well.


Justin Wong (O. Sagat) vs. Chris Doyle (Chun)

This’ll give you a pretty basic idea of what to do


df+RH crossup weirdness

I guess there’s a way to do Chun’s df+RH and have it hit as a crossup on characters that normally are able to block it the same way every time. The key is that they have to get knocked down in such a way that their prone body is sliding towards Chun Li as she’s initiating her df+RH. This gives her just a few extra pixels of distance to land the move on the opposite side.

The characters in the above examples were trying to do a crouching, same-side blocks. In Blanka’s case, the timing of Chun’s df+RH is so strict that I was unable to easily capture one of Blanka’s crouching “switch sides” frames to “prove” that it’s crossing him up. But it still works!

**Setup #1: Limb-smash.**  If you do a neckbreaker that lands on an opponent's extended limb, you can smash down on them and have their body fall towards you.  If Chun times another neckbreaker correctly, it can hit as a crossup.

Otochun did this no fewer than two times in his 10-game match with Gian, so that suggests that it could be nasty even on expert players.  See one example of the [media=youtube]ddGxLGLx5lc[/media] into crossup neckbreaker, 0:33-0:36.

Setup #2: Neckbreaker, jump over. Say you you land a neckbreaker on their head for whatever reason – they messed up trying a reversal, they didn’t know how to block it in the first place, or for whatever reason they just goofed. What you get is them sliding away from you. But you actually have so much time that you can jump over to the opposite side right after you land, and now they’re sliding towards you. A second neckbreaker now has crossup ability.

Check a [media=youtube]jwbppc0f6GE[/media] at 4:33. Otochun goes for a third one, but he didn’t make his jump completely over, ended up holding downback instead of downforward, and got a c.RH instead! :rofl:

**Setup #3: Crazy, backwards upkicks.**  The gist of this one is that it's possible to land upkicks when the opponent is behind you, i.e. when the opponent is doing a wild crossup.  They get knocked out of the air but actually fall towards your body, giving you crossup neckbreaker ability.

From the same match as before, check the [media=youtube]jwbppc0f6GE[/media] at 4:31.

Setup #4: Crossup jumpkick. Another way is just to do a crossup j.MK, so you land on the opposite side and their body is being pushed towards you. If you immediately do a neckbreaker afterwards, they’ll still be sliding underneath you so that your neckbreaker can hit as a crossup. You have to be fast with this follow-up or they won’t slide underneath you far enough.

This setup is not without risk, because your opponent has a fair amount of time before the neckbreaker lands. If they get wise to it or can react in time, they can do something like jump up and hit you out of the air.


the machtup vs. claw is kinda irritating, once you fall to the ground once
your fucked, any tips on how to rversal claw when your on the ground
casue upkicks tends to miss a lot vs his wall dives


use LL to beat his ground normals. pressure with jab fireballs.

if he jumps, straight up j.rh

if he goes off the wall, jump back mk.

if you get a knockdown whore and tick throw, be aware of desperate flip kick attempts.


(scrub advice, take it for what it’s worth)

If the opponent is good at wall-diving as I’m standing up, I often just try to block. Between getting the timing right and the danger of getting crossed up, I have trouble making upkicks look worth the effort for me. If you’re gonna go for it, you may as well piano or 1-button piano the input for all you’re worth.

I don’t bother much with the Bird Kick here. It can get you away, but that takes proper timing and you can lose your horizontal charge when he crosses you up, and then on top of all that he can try to stick you with cr.strong after he lands.


thanks on the ground its not that bad i guess all i have to do is avoid getting knocked down

yeah upkicks is not that reliable againts wall dives so i tend to be patient
i swear is it just me or is claw the easiest top tier to play?


Wait so some characters can block her df+RH the same direction (almost) all the time? Can I get some names of such characters?


^ look in the wiki.

also vs vega, do use meaty flip kick.

straight up j.rh can catch him going off the wall for wall dives, jump forward lk, and reversal lk upkicks IF he crosses you up and is clearly on one side.

yes walldives are good against chun li, the best counter is not to let him knock you down, and stop every desperate attempt he goes for if you’re standing.


That’s good yeah, but you have no time for that if he jumps from close, in that case st. forward can trade with j.fierce.

One advice I can give is never jump on him unless you really have to and you’re 200% he doesn’t have a charge, not just vertical but horizontal too because of standing flip kick, you’re stronger than him on the ground and if you get knocked down you’re probably done. If you do get knocked down, I feel the best you can do is try to block, even if you can get reversal upkicks consistently it’s not unusual to still be hit, if you can’t get reversal upkicks consistently that’s even more of a reason.
Open the round with lighting legs (keep it out for as short as possible) or jump back short.
Be really careful when throwing fireballs don’t be predictable, he can punish you from everywhere on the screen.
Most important, don’t get frustrated if you lose to just wall dives, it’s happened to everyone.

random note: if you’re cornered (standing), and he dives off the wall you’re against so that he comes down from right above your head, st. strong.