Chun Li Thread

Why isn’t this here?

Strat: Against most (non fireball) characters, it’s best to be tricky and zone with fireballs. Once you make them land on a fireball and or knock them down, go for some wakeup pressure, a string, a throw, or all three at once.

Pokes: Lp. Quick and not too damaging.
c. mk. Big part of her footsies game, can bait sweeps and srks if used just out of range.
st. mp. You can spam this for an easy tick throw at first. Once they catch on, just use it to bait stuff.

Anti Air (or a2a): Situational, depends on who you are facing and your range.
Relatively far away: A. HK, st hk (ground), hp.
Mid dist : j lk.
Really close: airthrow.

Combos: c. lk or mk, lightning legs.
Jump in hp, st. hp, hp kikoken. (stuns)
C lk or c mk, upkicks. (can be used as wakeup pressure, but nor particularly useful.)
(in air) stomp, lk or mk.
(string) late neutral jump mk, c. lk, lightning legs.
(string)Late nj mk, c lk, st. mp, tick throw.
Walk up super, upkicks.

Not only is there a Chun-Li thread already here on the forum…but it’s on the first page…AND the last person to post in it is you.