Chun Li Trial Dilemma



Hello, please end my frustration. on the chun li trial 13 there is a sequence where you do a focus attack, and then a kintekishu + tenkukyaku (I always consider them a whole cus no sense doing 1 without the other).
The problem at the time was that the “tenkukyaku” (or 2nd kick that sends them flying) NEVER FREAKING REGISTERED(as a hit). I tried doing the sequence faster. I tried doing the sequence slower. I tried timing it better. I tried waiting half a billisecond longer so that dan flops over a bit more. Nope, nothing worked. Eventually I managed to pull it off by some unexplained form of luck and completed the trial… then promised myself never to bother trying to do that again since it never works…
Little did I know that later there would be a trial 23 with the exact same sequence, just integrated in a greater combo… practiced hours doing just the focus + [kintekishu + tenkukyaku]
I give up… Ive tried everything, I can’t explain to myself why it doesnt work. But Im sure some chun li genius understands my struggle and can give me a solution… help!


After the focus has hit, dash towards Dan, you have to dash quite fast after the focus, as soon as you have dashed hold back then input the move… I’m guessing you’re new to the game so it might take a few goes to get it right, also hope you have fun with the game and welcome


m8, u just saved me from the mental hospital! thx


wii beat me to it