Chun-Li Trial Mode Assistance



At the risk of being the first in a slew of SF novices plaguing the forum looking for advice after grabbing SFIV, I figured putting together a thread for questions about Chun’s trial mode might keep things a bit tidier. :wink:

**Trial Mode Completion Video**

Thanks to Ultracrazy for finding this. Please check out this video as a first port of call when you have questions… you may just find the answers you seek.


So without further ado here is my question.

Trial Mode - Normal - Level 3 (Cancels)

One of the trials here is to do the following:

(angled jump) H.punch x 2
(while jumping) Down + M.kick
(while jumping) Down + M.kick
(while jumping) Down + M.kick

Getting the 2 punches to highlight no problem
Linking 3 headstomps without landing no problem

The issue for me is getting from the punches to the headstomp.

If I do the headstomp immediately after the double punch nothing comes out at all.

If I land and then attempt to jump in with a headstomp I pretty much miss (probably due to my timing being off but my guy instinct tells me this isn’t what they are after anyway).

So I’m stuck… obviously practice is the answer but if someone can tell me the exact flow of the combo to follow it will make sure I’m not wasting my time trying to get something to work that isn’t what they are after.

Thanks in advance.


try to hit as low in dans jump as possible with your fierce x 2, having him in the corner also makes the combo easier. then you land and immediately do stomp x3 for the juggle. sometimes you might have to dash to get the stomps not to wiff after you land. which is why it’s easier to do when the op is cornered.

welcome to srk.

pls new guys if you have any other questions regarding the single player mode with chun, use this thread to post them.

also, i dont know if i’m reading you question right…




Glad to be aboard. Long time reader, first time poster and all that. :slight_smile:

So just to confirm I’m reading this right after the fierce x 2 I immediately go for the headstomp - i.e. I was correct in assuming I shouldn’t hit the ground after the fierce x 2 before I launch into the head stomp.


no, you land first. read my post again.




[media=youtube]UBfpzN0-GQA&feature=channel_page[/media] may also be of assistance =]


how do cancel her hadoken into the super? afta u do foward back punch, how r u meant to charge it up to do her super? if u cant tell im a sk


It’s a super cancel, same as in 3rd Strike and a few other games. Basically it’s charge back, forward + punch (fireball), back, forward + kick (super).

The fireball motion becomes part of the super command, so you don’t need to enter the whole thing. Just make sure to enter everything fairly quickly.


how about from hasan shu to super? i can’t find a way to super cancel… i tried charge back, then towards, then half circle back + k, forward + k

this move seems so crazy and impractical even if it works :S


You are overcomplicating things. That combo is a link, not a cancel. You do roundhouse Hasanshu, keep holding back like normal, and link the super after Hasanshu recovers.


yeah i figured lol, hence the edit, thanks anyway.

i have trouble with the last one tho. that ex focus attack is a sadc right? not a sa hit?


No, it’s a Level 2 charged focus, not SADC. It’ll tell you to “Focus Cancel” instead of “Focus Attack” if you’re supposed to SADC.

So it’s jump in RH, close HP, ex fireball (focus cancel), release at Level 2 charge, dash, target combo, ultra. Need to be in or near corner.


Many apologies… was racing out the door when I posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tips, managed to get it on my second or third try once I realised I had to land first.


What’s the trick to linking cr.FP into SBK? There are 2 of these the first is FA>cr. Fp> mSBK. I got that 1 by complet accident. The 1 I’m stuck on is hard 4 I think. It’s target combo>cr.FP>mSBK. I can’t get this for the life of me. On the videos only 1 hit of the FP comes out. How is this done? & in general what to you use to link into SBK? In 3rd strike SBK was very useful. But I can’t find a good use for it in 4. Thanks to dime and Azrael for all the good info.


to do the cr.FP into SBK you need to dash forward during the target combo. unfortunatly I couldn’t clear challenge 5 or 4 or something so i haven’t actually completed that whole section yet :expressionless:

on that note, any tips for the target combo into medium punch into the super combo one???


You can’t dash in the air. Target combo is done while in air.


Any tips out there for Trial 4 Challenge 3? It’s FA -> cr.HP -> SBK.

I always seem to knock Dan into the air during the cr.HP when he is on his knees stunned from the FA. I can’t figure out why he keeps going into the air but I’m sure that is why it is not allowing me to complete the combo (This can be seen in 2:47 of the completion video in the OP).

In the video the player is trying to complete this particular task from 2:43 to 3:12.


Try not standing RIGHT next to Dan. It worked for me.

For Trial 4 challenge 4, anyone know how to cancel a m.punch into a kikouken? It’s driving me nuts.


Samoz just hold back or down-back while you are inputting the moves prior to the kikoken and when you are going for the mp just go to back and then do your medium punch.
Then go to f+P and the kikoken will come out.

I still can’t figure what I have to do in the very last challenge.
Can somebody explain to me the ex kikoken - focus attack - back+mk thingie?
How am I supposed to connect those?
The FA lv1 won’t crumple the opponent and when I go for a lv 2 FA it doesn’t combo.


I’m having the same prob. That last trial is a beast.


In the video it looks like a level 2 FA.