Chun Li Trial Move



I’m on Chun Li’s Normal Trial, i’m having issues pulling off the Target Combo to Yokosan, I get the target part in but the yokosan is not coming off when i’m pressing Down and Medium Kick, Can anyone tell me the best way to get the second of this move in?:confused:



You mean Tenshou Kyaku?


sorry i meant the Yosokyaku, its done after the target combo, but i’m having a issue with timing, how did you pull this off easily?


Jump in, hit fierce punch twice(be holding back)
hit medium kick once(stop holding back)
hit medium kick again(hit down in the middle of the kick animation)
hit up and medium kick(hold down as soon as you start to kick up into the air)
as they are falling down, release your down charge to up and two kick buttons.



Soundz like a breeze, easier said than done though, I’ll give it a go.


Are we sure he’s not talking about TC > headstomp x3?

If you are, its easier to get the TC at the tip of their jump, land, press up then down + medium kick x3


Ohhh good call, he might be talking about Target combo -> three stomps

Well, whatever it is, check out this video for reference.



Thanks guys thats the one i’m talking about, its still hard to pull off even with the TE stick, are you saying you can get the TC at the tip of the opponent’s jump, then land and then press down and medium kick 3x?


Jump forward, then TC, then land, then jump forward and stomp X 3. You have to hit D+MK for each stomp separately (3X). You should be able to land at least one or two stomps pretty much every time. You sometimes have to get the height right or do it in the corner to land the third.


This drove me crazy until I realized two jumps was the answer.


Get TC at the tip of Dan’s jump, land, jump forward, hold down and press MK x3. You don’t have to reset the stick to neutral and press down + mk three times… Just mk x3 and hold down.


Does anyone know a good technique for deflecting that Hazayshu, that kick she does that flips forward and sticks her leg out, its quick and i wonder if focus attack works or just blocking, i bet there’s a way to stop it.


Focus attack it or block HIGH. It cannot be blocked if you are crouching.


Also characters have moves that combat it, for instance with Ryu knock you out of it and also does damage, however I am not sure which of chuns moves has the same effect (I would imagine that it is as that has a crazy hitbox anyway and is very useful for counter hitting air attacks.


While we’re at it, does anyone have any tips for her last hard trial? I’m having a really hard time with it. I haven’t even gotten the 3rd step, it never seems to come out. (Her EX-fireball)


Someone asked about this the other day on the trials thread, right near the bottom of this page here ---->

Is the advice I gave about it, don’t know if it will help you :confused: Just look for my name then have a look at what I said. Otherwise I imagine earlier on in the same thread it will have been mentioned. Hope you find what you need


tc > mp >kikoken> super help?


j{charge back}.fp~fp {land} mp, -> mp, <-, ->kick

basically throw kiko in the middle of your super (back, forward punch, back, forward kick.)


I’m trying to so Chun Li’s Target Combo to Yosokyaku, so anyone remember how they pulled this off, its hard for me because Dan is jumping and i dont’ have the timing down right?


I managed this the other day.

What you have to do is hold back as soon as you jump. Like hammer the stick to back position , then as you land the kick keep holding back then press punch . As you press it go straight to forward position and press 2 punch buttons for the EX kikoken

Hope this helps =)

I practised that bit alone for 50 times each way then nailed the trial