Chun-Li versus Mai Shiranui

Well, I was able to see this video:

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Different results.

Who do you think is the real winner?

No one…

Versus thread, huh.

Chun-Li because she’s better to beat off to than Mai.

Next question.

Mai Shiranui is a elite ninja and her ninja skills surpass any kung fu, plus ninja arsenal and tactics is beyond what Chun Li’s fighting style allows. Mai’s fighting style is more closer to the art of war, while Chun Li’s style is strict and limited. So overall, Mai would obviously defeat Chun Li. Those that say otherwise are just biased instead of using fair common sense. We all grew up playing Street Fighter 2 before playing Fatal Fury 2, but that’s no reason to automatically favor a SF character over a SNK character. And if you bring Chun Li’s police gun into this, still ninjas has the advantage and have easier time avoiding projectiles than someone of Chun Li’s skills.

Mai Shiranui has all the qualities of being a superior fighter than Chun Li. if you want to make comparisons besides fighting level and fighting technique, Mai Shiranui has the more likeable personality and better charisma overall and better design.

You should make more VS threads.

Blue Mary from Fatal Fury bodies them both.

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Thank you.

At first I really thought Chun Li would win cos she’s faster and shows more skilled in h2h combat.

About your comment, I am still questioning Mai’s fighting skill as better than Chun Li’s. I really think Chun Li could win if no weapons are used. But if it’s going to be the way they are, then I’m giving Mai an advantage because she has a long range attack throwing her fans and she also has fire too to manipulate.

Mai is a fucking terrible Ninja tho.

Not as terrible as Vs threads tho.

Mai may not be the greatest ninja ever in ninja skills, but that makes it even more of a fact that even at Mai’s ninja level, she’s MORE than capable of defeating “the strongest woman in the world”. Which goes to show even ninjas that are not OP tier can still defeat Chun Li everytime.

Ninjas are on the upper scale of the warrior food chain. kung fu masters are below that. the very nature of a ninja is to kill while avoiding detection, and even in a straight up fight, they are lethal and a force to be reckoned with. martial arts like kung fu aren’t really about killing more than self defense, but they are completely vulnerable to assassinations, and warriors like ninjas are more in sync with the art of war, they don’t limit themselves like kung fu does. ninjas are like the perfect killers.

Also add to the fact that Mai possesses fire element. Chun Li has chi/ki energy for projectiles and spheres but it’s not nearly as destructive as fire. So element wise, Mai is more powerful too.

Why not both?


What year is this, 1994?

Mai has bigger boobs so I choose Mai!

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