Chun-li Video/Discussion Thread



Post your SF4 Chun Li Vids!

SFIV Chun Li General - Fellowship of the Thigh v.2

we may as well have one of these threads for chun… gj.

daigo versus chun, also in the main chun thread:
an interesting thing about this chun is the lack of ex lightning leg abuse, this chun prefers to use meter on AA ex SBK, and do damage with random pokes and throws


some nuki here watch his use of jsu fierce versus abel in the second match on wakeup and that sick ass super off of FA in the first:




Chun in that costume in the first vid made me think of Asuka from Tekken DR.


Cool, video of Chun-li vs Rufus.


I favorited this one, very nice dizzy combo at 2:58. :slight_smile:


Gimme some comments!


only problems i saw was that everytime you moved forward you threw out some sort of attack… that will get you killed versus highly reactive peoples. i forget the other thing i was gonna point out.

i liked your chun play you mixed up what moves you threw out well, and your movement was decent if not a bit erratic. like i said tho it was pretty obvious when you were going to attack.

nice chun



Street Fighter 4 Chun-Li anime Opening (in English)



Now you just know she’ll have that outfit in the game.


Yun and Yang? Glad they put in some 3s references somewhere in the game.


acorrding to Siegfired who has play the game , Chun-li doesn’t not fight Guile but rather joins up with him to take down Sin.

edit: acorrding to Siegfired Guile was giving a mission to find out SIN’s connection to Shadaloo.

Ryu’s intro explans why Guile give Chun-Li her standard gear. because in Ryu’s intro Guile and Chun-li talk about the tournament.

edit: By looking at the screen shots Abel’s intro happens after Chun-li’s intro.
mostly likey this is the order in which Guile and Chun-li appear in the intros. Guile’s intro, Chun Li’s intro, Ryu’s intro and Abels intro.


Vids of the national tournament. The new videos include RF’s Sagat vs Nuki’s Chun. Nuki uses C.MP as anti-air against Sagat’s J.MP, and it works pretty well.

:sad: @ the first round of the second match. Look how much life Chun loses to Tiger Uppercut xx SADC, F+RH, Ultra! That shit’s not right man.

Also, in the final round of the third vid, right before Chun loses, look at what happens - Chun jumps and does EX Hasan Shu - but it comes out so fast, it looks like she doesn’t even hit the ground!

I’ve played against RF’s Sagat…he’s just good. He can kill you with fireballs alone.


yo az, thx for posting that up! yeah it totally looked like nuki was air born when he did that ex HS. nukis chun is HOT!

3rd round of first match, i REALLY liked the dash under cr. shorts to ultra, the dash totally caught me by surprise as sagat was damn near hitting chun, that shit was cool, i couldnt see myself thinking of doing that in that situation, but it’s something learned, may have nice application versus rog and blanka that jump alot.



I just watched the Nationals vid of Nuki VS RF.

Some1 was saying, on high level, among pros, you shouldnt do jump back HK as overhead, especially not against Sagat, since it will get you killed for trying.

But Nuki gets away with it 2 x (midscreen and sagat with back to corner). RF doesnt do anything except dash after.

Was RF sleeping or what was going on?

Yeah, that EX HS at end of match 3, round 3 was WTF? Looked like he was doing the move in mid air just b4 landing lol.



Good lord, Sagat is just too much. They going for story points or something, because wow… that’s just not right. Here’s hoping maybe they do a balance patch? Yeah right. Don’t want to sound like a whiner, but I remember the Japanese not being too happy with O.Sagat for very similar reasons why he is insane in this game. Did the developer simply forget their own history with him?


SF4 Sagat is nothing like O.Sagat. Imo Sagat is very beatable. In the right hands he’s absolutely devastating but he’s not god tier. I regularly beat Sagats down at my arcade. Just gotta know how to handle him and who’s playing him.




Vids of me in the Economy Blows $1 Touranemnt.


She got revenge with that ultra through the tiger shot in round one of the 3rd set.

But man. That combo did way too much.


ex hasanshu in the air?? wow…

thanks azrael for showing us the link ^^


Laugh’s Chun is pretty good


Seems like Nuki kept the distance correctly in the 1st round of the 1st match? RF’s f.HK didn’t manage to catch him.

And WOW seemingly air EX Hasan Shu!!! Huge chunk of damage to top it off! (yeah it’s CH but props to that!)