Chun-li Video/Discussion Thread

A lot of what you said I really agree with, silly and exploitable traps, 50/50 guessing game on Tekken casts moves, overheads that shouldn’t be overheads and moves that should be overheads aren’t --Lk HSU COUGH COUGH, some characters can just spam the same shit without a worry – like Rolento. A lot of hit/hurt boxes don’t make sense example: Kuma I have to hit him so deep to actually hit him – he can just spam his punches because the reach is like freaking Vega.

Even with all of that I keep coming back, could be stubborn, could be it is just new and I want to be nasty at it like SSF4(though I never got there)
I think the game has some great potential and trying to find a solid team I like has been an adventure. Right now its Chun Li and Ken – but I changed before, haha! So don’t get cocky Ken!

Anyway Playing X Tekken really messed with my abilties to come back to this game – after a few matches it started coming back around. Thankfully a lot of solid players were online as the majority of not so great players probably migrated to X Tekken. Here are just a couple matches

Versus Ibuki: thankfully I started playing like me again when I met this guy otherwise I would have been blown the hell up.

Versus Seth: played this guy seven times he bested me 7 - 5 but it was fun. because he changed his playstyle pretty quickly when I kept Air to Air TCing his jumps

Its fine mate you can have your opinion, also you refer to “OLD” and “LEGIT” fighter as if I am new to fighting games? I joined this site in 09 but I am not new to the scene. In fact as a game designer by trade I have actually worked on and been responsible (for better or for worse) a fighting game (my very first project lol) getting the job because of the fact I was (WAS past tense) pretty decent at some of the “LEGIT” fighters out there.

I guess I can agree with your point in part, however using the argument “it was fine in the past” isn’t really right, racism was “fine in the past” it doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it and advance things forward, I mean the ToDs in ST are BS and do lesson that game a lot, it was actually something that has since been addressed in other games (learning from issues). OK that was an awful comparison and I am sorry but I hope you take the general idea of it on-board. Further more you CAN trap people with jabs that they can backdash out of with certain characters because of their walk speed and the blockstun. This wasn’t the case in the “LEGIT” games because blockstun wasn’t anywhere near the same.

But you know what as much as I enjoy a good argument (hopefully neither of us taking it personally lol) I think its fair to say I haven’t played the game a lot and I will be playing it more and at the end of the day if everyone liked the exact same things it would be so boring. I’m glad you like the game I don’t hate it I just don’t think its as good as people are thinking or were hoping for. It is clearly unfinished and unbalanced and as a starting point for a new series is worse than Vanilla was as a starting point for SF4…

Anyway this is the Video thread lol, I’ve enjoyed out chat and I’m not going to say anything you’ve said is wrong or flat out disagree with you over it, I just look at the games core mechanics and few them differently to you in terms of what I see as something that can be seen to actually move the genre forward.

Edit: Cos you did lol :slight_smile:
Edit 2: I’m not going to reply to a reply on here, this thread has been derailed enough, who knows in 2 weeks once I’ve spent more time with it I might think its amazing…

Sadly no, Mech Gief is still around even during Zangief matches.

I actually feel the same way. This is why I want feedback from my stuff every so often. I’m not so good at seeing my own errors. Words from other players (especially better players) and guidance would be great. It’s actually why I stayed here as long as I did, out of all the characters I’ve come to enjoy Chun, and I like the community. If it’s not the comments here, then it’s the comments on Facebook. Both have really helped me a lot.

At the same time… People are swearing up and down that I’m leaps and bounds better than last year, but I kinda brush it off and feel I still have a lot to work on, both matchups and execution side of things.

Why, I was just in the training mode earlier, and I’m still botching the damn jabs to s. :hp: bnb. :shake:


Here’s a vid of me against a local Ibuki

I wouldn’t mind some pointers in the match up or some bad habits pointed out.

LOL, same matchup I need help for that I posted earlier.

I think that’s the right approach actually. Rush her down, lots of pokes and tick throws, don’t let her get the chance to start the vortex. Kiko’s are kinda iffy here, especially if she has meter, it’s an easy EX neckgrab punish for her.

Focus backdash out of air kunai if it won’t corner you. Delayed EX SBK sometimes works. Outside than than I need more help too, especially against the overhead/sweep/teleport shenanigans. :frowning: I feel that the Ibuki wasn’t overheading or upkicking (careful about HSU overuse, it can be antiair by her dp+k) as much as she should + fell for EX SBK a lot of times.

Newbie thread, but since I learned a lot from in the days since playing my own vids and getting started with the matchup, may was well re-share.

lol oh wow @ 8:22. I didn’t know you could use that to avoid an Ibuki chip to death attempt… I’ll keep that in mind.

Kikosho loses out to Ibuki’s far range U1 (her own version of Kikosho) though, afaik. Well, for those times when just tiny bits of life are on the line.

I didn’t know either haha. I still died that round :(. I ended up have a pretty good rest of the set once I started baiting dp more.

@ 0:50 you have the lifelead! Make him come to you! You did a better job in the second round of making him chase you =P

Other than that, I’ll echo 4neqs; careful with HSUs. Other than that, you actually look really confident in this matchup.



A little old (dec-jan), but this is me shoto training. Going to un-unlisted and label properly later.

I would appreciate some help vs Ibuki as well.



A few of my endless matches


Yeah Bush is still good with Chun even though he mains Blanka now (tbf he’s also decent with Cody, another good Irish player)

Was Chun Li his main character before Blanka?I didn’t know that.He plays a lot of characters very solid/good.

Yeah Chun Li was his main lol, in fact I think he’s still on my friendslist on my old account I really should have inv’d him to my new one. He’s just a good player like I said Ireland have several, Hound, Cobelcog, StevO (the only Honda I simply can beat ever in a set lol) plus others.

Bush has always mained Blanka iirc, he uses Chun on the side but he didn’t play her much since super but I think he’s playing her a lot more recently. He’s also learning Ken, Fei and Cody on the side




Well, I stumbled upon these in an effort to further study the matchup.

I thought he mained her in Vanilla well that’s always who he was known for to me and yeah he liked cody when Super first came out so I assumed he still dabbled with him… I don’t have you on my new friendslist btw if you’re bothered as we didn’t play much anymore anyway. So you still maining Chun or have you gone back to Sakura? Me, I’m pretty deep into trying to learn Rose properly atm lol

I dabble with Chun but I focus on Ibuki/Makoto/Rose more, I still main Sakura.

My friend list is full but it’s due a clearup so I’ll add you when I do :slight_smile: