Chun-li vs C-Honda (I need help)


What are some things I can do in this matchup? I’m playing N and C-Chun, and I really suck. Seems like I’d might as well let out of the stick whenever I play this match. :mad:

C-Honda plays really, really patient and RCs a lot. Thanks.


well i’ve finally learned that u cannont rushdown in Ngroove as u used to anymore in this game. Whenever i see this matchup, just turtle if honda turtle’s. If u jump make sure it’s short jump d+mk into crossup. Use counter movement whenever honda headbutt’s you, from there u can either throw, or if they try to hit or tech u could lvl 3. The point is to always have a stock ready for when honda tries to headbutt.


Chun’s counter roll is too long. Nothing is guaranteed after counter rolling against a headbutt. :mad:

It’s not that I was trying to rush Honda down, because I was playing C-groove mostly. Chun doesn’t have a good damaging (and highly comboable) jump up/jump back HK like Sagat does (or j.HP is Ken’s case). All of Chun’s hard jumping attacks are better air to air, than air to ground and jump back MKs and LKs do squat for damage. I love it when I hit Honda about ten times, then he hits me twice and does the same amount of damage I did to him.

Anything else I can do? (With C especially.)


Let him turtle, build as much meter as possible and run away with wall jump’s, walking back, etc. When he headbutts, late air block, xx super or sweep, repeat. Still a hard match though.


Yeah her jump attacks suck against honda. But ragingstorm is right, just turtle and build meter. once u get the lead, runaway for the rest of the match.


You could try to Air Block the headbutt’s on reaction or something lol. Idk, Chun’s main strength (random into super in footies) is almost useless…You have to stick to building meter then hit the super after the airblock, not a good match at all for chun. OR you can alpha counter one of his headbutts then runaway for the rest of the match…


If it’s a turtle honda, then just watch the EVO 2002 finals between ohnuki’s chun-li and tokido’s honda.

ohnuki does a lot of rushing down and rolling through honda to make him lose his charge.


learn to bait his headbuts. only jump if its going to crossup or he doesnt have his charge. if he does risky stuff like cr.rh or cr.hp
walk back walk forward mp super. if he knows your knocked down he will probaly go for rc hands on your wakeup if you can rc legs do them.
throw fireballs just make sure u can keep your distance to recover b4 he can rc headbut you. rc spinning bird kick works to.