Chun Li vs. Capcom / CvC



Let me explain, … I hate SF4. I hate the system of the game and its fundamentals. I rather play BB, KOF or even SF2ST.

But Chun Li has gotten me addicted to SF4. I love how she plays compared to the rest of the cast of SF4. This is how I look at the game. How can Chun Li beat each specific character. Its Chun Li vs the world… Its “Chun Li Vs. Capcom”

Lol. What do you guys think about renaming the game CvC?



I think you meant to direct him here.

I don’t think the Fellowship wants this guy :(.


A F***ing Horrible idea


Quoted (and uncensored) for truth.


Yeah fuck your shit, you’re a fucking idiot.

(Not really, I just like drinking the Haterade with everyone else)