Chun-Li vs. Chun-Li: What do you need to know to have the edge?

Ok. So Chun-Li vs. Chun-Li matches. Everyone knows they are grueling turtle matches, but my biggest gripe with this match is that it can seem almost random as long as both Chun’s know the absolute raw basics.

What I would like to know is, what information/knowledge/tactics exist to ensure that you have an edge against the opponents chun during this matchup? Obviously superior patience is one of the key’s, but what else? Properties on certain normals, Chun moves that beat other commonly used Chun moves and other such information? Basically, what preparations and techniques can you use to ensure you have the advantage in a Chun mirror?

Thanks in advance.

It all comes down to whom ever has the superior zoning/footsie play and also whom ever has the best reaction time.

A good Chun vs Chun is zoning at its finest to me.

Hitting with the first super almost ensures a victory for the round.

baiting pokes

dont throw out random pokes, it gets you killed

a chun vs chun match tests the skill/reflex of a person. so its good to get as much practice in that matchup as u can. comes in handy.

dont back fierce as much.

dont far fierce too much unless to counter poke or punish

use as ur poke of choice, but still be careful and time it good and for a reason.

theres a lot of baits. i use their far fierce) step back b+hp counter poke hit confirm super. on their wakeup, tap down for down parry and hit confirm. same thing as before but with b+hp instead.

learn to kara throw consistently. goes over use it wisely.

dont far to go over poks too much, not that great vs another chun.

do NOT jump, i know it gets annoying when ur losing but make ur comebacks slowly, then capitalize.

if ur in the corner, kara throw her back in ur position, and keep her there.

control space and dont get pushed back too much. inch forward with and far fierce and thats what u use to push her back. dont whiff them, though, can cost u big