Chun Li vs. Old Ken (ST)

I’m not technically new. But this matchup is rather new to me. and the st section isn’t as popular as it once was, so I’d have to wait 3 days for an answer.

I was playing Red Alert’s Old ken.
Theoretically, I should zone him out of my face with fireballs and things like st mk, c mk and well timed anti airs. In practice his specials are so good that it’s really hard to counter him with Chun. His moves are so good that he can get a little trigger happy and it’s hard to punish. And no not on hadouken. This is ken. More on tatsu and dp. Also the particular one I was fighting knew the whole throw/srk os/ mixup. That was scary. He’s seriously good at cornering and does a ton of damage. I take him for granted because I have ann. edition and I think he’s nerfed in that. 0_o
Pretty much settles my question on who my rush happy dad will use in st lol. OLD KEN! Thing is I don’t think I can get the true og version…
But before I go off on too much of a tangent, can someone help me beat this guy?
Anybody besides Red play O ken?