Chun li vs Oro

At first glance, this matchup is nearly impossible. It’s a hard matchup, to be sure, but it is possible to win. There are certainly 2 parts of this matchup, chun li with, and without meter. I’ll start with the easiest part.

Chun li, no SA2
This is the “easy” part. There are basically 2 types of Chun li’s. The first kind is the Chun li that runs away building meter and will not stay to fight you. If she’s recklessly whiffing fierce, look for an opportunity to dash under her and launcher strong her when she comes down. Otherwise, you’ll need to try to air parry the fierce chain, and Air throw that whore to the ground. Do typical wakeup stuff, and hope that you get lucky.
The other type of Chun li will try to trade pokes with you untill she gets her meter. This is equally annoying, because she has so many good ones. This is basically rock paper scissors. Low forward beat’s chun’s back + fierce, Roundhouse will beat her standing fierce and far Roundhouse, and UOH will counter her low strong / low forward. If you guess wrong you’ll eat a poke, and hers do more damage, so don’t guess wrong. :slight_smile:
If you manage to get Chun li in the corner, knock her down, and try to cross her up with forward. Sometimes it will cross her up, sometimes it won’t. When you land, immediately go into the chicken combo. This works quite well.

Chun li, SA2 ready
As odd as it seems, you must try not to jump at her. If the player is moderately skilled, a properly timed low forward after a parried jumpin will mean you eat a super. Also she can trick you by ducking under your jumpin while you go over her and land a super for free when you land with no tripguard. You must try to outpoke her. Don’t be too afraid of getting back + fierce’d out of a UOH, since you’ll be in the air and if she cancels to super it’s a free combo for you. Do a couple of empty jump-ins, throwing when you land. Then she is set up for a late air chicken kick attempt from a jumpin. Timed properly, it will get one hit and you can juggle her with the chicken combo.

Good luck with this tough matchup.

Thanks a ton, Streak! This answers a lot of the questions I had here…

One addition: Low forward also beats her s.fierce at the right range. If done right she’ll kinda lunge forward into it and get hit.

And one question: Does s.forward beat her low forward like it does with shotos?

Once again, many thanks,

It can beat it, however I wouldn’t rely on it for a couple of reasons. First, it has almost exactly the same range as Chun’s low forward, just a bit longer. You’d have to do it before she even starts low forward or you’ll get hit. Standing forward is a good poke but if you get too obvious with it she’s just gonna parry, super you.