Chun li vs Urien

i’ve heard how this is a good counter match (although i have trouble fighting urien myself), but i don’t really know why in terms of what normals to use in what situations and stuff like that.

can anybody give me advice on this matchup?


i have serious problems in this matchup too

im not sure if i should blow my meter if he shoots a fireball, or just to keep the meter for psychological advantage and limit what urien can do

i dont know


Trouble against Urien with chun li o_O, I can’t even get near her.

wow popoblo, nice av =)

what imo the only thing is what you can do is try and trade until you get “in”…

Urien isnt much of a combo-er except for c.fierce and anti-air fireball follow-ups, so before he gets that much meter he will try to c.forward you a bit, jump straight up roundhouse, and the usual strong to build meter… I think you can stuff his tackle with back+fierce and fierce trades with his strong? if not beat it? When Im Chun I like to just wait a bit, see what he throws, try to get a parry in and SA2 him… Jump straight up roundhouse is pretty good imo…

Sorry, it sounds a bit noobish, my friends dont play Urien, and there are no unblockables on DC :bluu: I think the strength of Chun in this match is jsut outpoking him… fear when he has aegis though… control your space well (you should know what Im talking bout popoblo :wink: CVS2 like spacing and controlling, not 3S)

I also find Urien to be a difficult match for Chun-Li, so I’m just going to post random throughts about the match-up here. I believe the match-up is still in Chun’s favor, but for once it takes major adjustments on her part to win this one.

I would blow the meter and take guaranteed damage if Urien starts throwing fireballs, because nothing guarantees you’ll be able to get close and land the super later on. Losing meter is troublesome but considering landing the super means free okizeme, it’s not such a bad option. Charging meter isn’t the problem against Urien imo, it’s landing it that can be difficult sometimes.

This is pretty generic advice but just in case: don’t jump in! Jumping in against Urien’s is entirely in his favour because of fireballs, cr. fierce and his anti-air parry follow-ups do so much damage. Jumping straight up roundhouse is just asking for anti-air fireballs. However it is a decent idea to just empty jump straight up, sometimes scrubby Uriens get baited into throwing fireballs which you can punish with SA2. Also try to stay mid-screen to play footsies, staying in your corner spamming back fierce is a bad idea here because that’s exactly what Urien wants you to do. Try to stay grounded and out of the corner, that’s where Chun-Li is the strongest.

In this match-up, Urien is a little similar to Yun in that he has a semi-safe way to deal damage (Tackle XX Reflector mixup) and he charges meter faster. Again, Chun-Li needs to take the initiative in this match-up because a smart Urien will not give you any chances. Try to always stay within st. fierce distance, that’s Chun’s optimal range.

This match can be frustrating because Urien can turtle up and do fine while Chun cannot. Pushing Urien toward the corner is always good, sometimes Uriens get hasty and try to dash in backwards throw when they get cornered so look for that and punish with cr forward super. Don’t get thrown to the corner however, because that’s where Urien can lock you down in the “spank room”.

Always keep in mind you can punish whiffed st. fierces with SA2 on reaction (pump the motion, see st. fierce, press kick). You can also reversal SA2 after blocking toward fierce (unless there’s an Aegis keeping you in blockstun obviously). You can punish blocked sweeps with SA2. You can also punish blocked cr. fierce with cr. forward into SA2.

Learn Urien’s common throw setups (headbutt throw, cr. jab throw, dash in throw, jump in throw, etc) and try using st. roundhouse (cancel into SA2) instead of teching. Teching resets the situation and allows Urien to turtle some more, while you have to close distance again. Even if you mess up and get the far st. roundhouse version, it’s still to your advantage because it’s an airborne move anyway.

Don’t be afraid to get into a poking match even though Urien’s pokes are great. When he connects cr. forward he gets a bit of damage and meter, but when you connect cr. forward you get super damage.

I know this sounds weird, but cr. jab beats Urien’s cr. forward because it’s so fast. St. fierce is very good against Urien, but you can’t use it recklessly because his cr. forward beats it. st. strong is really good too. Super jump stomp is good if you can anticipate jump straight up roundhouse, follow-up with st. jab, dash under st. roundhouse/backwards throw.

When you knock Urien down and you have meter, he really only has a few viable options: block, tech or jab headbutt. Close st. roundhouse beats two of those and cancels into super. kara throw beats the other one (learn how to fake and crouch before kara-throwing to make it look like you’re fishing with cr. forward). Make it look like you’re going to throw, then back fierce to stuff his headbutt attempt or cr. forward super his whiffed throw on reaction. Be careful when canceling into supers though, since reversal headbutt is considered airborne on the first frame it will make supers whiffs, so watch Urien’s sprite closely before canceling. Most Uriens like to keep charges stored to always have a counter headbutt/tackle ready so meaty UOH into st. roundhouse XX super or kara-UOH into super are good options. Wake-up situations are heavily in Chun-Li’s favor when she has meter because she can deal more damage than Urien, so go for it and don’t be afraid of random parries.

I don’t know you anymore. :frowning:

wtf is okizeme
english please

but good tips

Basically, mixing it up after knocking the opponent down.

Originally a Virtua Fighter term, spread to other 3d fighters and now 2d as well.

This place is pretty dead, but I just found out that you can do Chun-Li’s air down and mk and bounce off of Urien’s reflector. Could be useful for getting out of the corner if he’d done blocked tackle > reflector, maybe with a wall jump, but damn that shit is risky. Thought it was cool and thought I’d share. Hope it wasn’t common knowledge. xx SA2 against Urien. Its pleasing to make someone switch from Urien to Ken during a tournament.

Than I get my ass handed to me.

Last night, I was playing with some friends at home and had a nice 10 or so streak going with chun-li. Then one of the guys switched to Urien… the first good urien I’ve ever played against.

Man, I just felt so… helpless.

I’d always eat a knockdown into reflector screen set up, and watch my health bar drain like crazy.

I’ll try the tips I read above, and see if it helps.

What I really need to do is find a way to get in close. Jumping in to parry is too risky, and his c.RH seems to keep me out.

Any tips? Is this match really as easy as, say, get the early hits in, back off, and turtle the hell up the rest of the match? I seem to be able to build meter by wiffing backwards jumping round house, or st.RH, for free. So, I would say, burn meter at ANY opportunity, you can get it back easy.

Oh, last part of the rambling, is there any way to tech your way out of the unblockable set-ups? Is there mind games between quick get up vs. regular get up? Any help would be appreciated!

ex sbk on wake up is not bad.
u can close in just by walking+poking… :confused:
once you have a bar full,you should be in control.
cornered?bounce off the wall and be ready to parry/tech.
cr.rh is punishable.(sa2)
unblockables are unblockables,but still parry-able.

Just dont let Urien get in close or put you in a corner.

ive been on live and noticed that chun li’s spinnign bird kick hits a a ducking blocking urien. this leads to minds games. u can do a ex spinning bird kick right after and if they poke anything, it will hit them, almost always the first time u do the bird kick, they will poke, after getting hit with ex bird kick they will learn to jus sit there, thats when u go and throw them, bishhhhhhhhhh!!! muahaha

the consequence of abusing ex sbk’s is a drained meter. that’s something i always kept in my mind…
i only use this once in every two or three matches…

I’m bumping this thread for the good of Chun players everywhere. This matchup is hell for me and I don’t want anyone else to suffer as I have suffered.

lol uh … block his j. RH as it is probably his only good poke in this matchup and otherwise rape him on the ground for free while watching out for random tackles/sweeps.

Recommendation though is not to retreat to much in this match as Urien is anything but scary for Chun till you get cornered where Aegis mix’s you up for free into unblockables and what not. Also be careful of using s. FP to much as I’m pretty sure on parry that leads to a free elbow into tackle combo.

Not saying Urien isn’t capable of winning as that’s obviously not true, but ya … Urien doesn’t have much going for him until he knocks you down in the corner than just quickly reacting to whatever he does is best you can do.

Uriens back fierce is good against chun too

Building meter is good. Tick into standing fierce or roundhouse and you’ll get a decent amount even if it’s blocked

You’ll also get more if SBK is blocked and it hits him while he’s ducking

i love uriens back fierce too what a crazy good move no wonder hes the best character in the game!

to be nice: you can pretty much super through a few of uriens aegis setups pretty easily. also unless perfectly timed, jumping HK by urien can be parried into c.MK xx super.

i do not recommend using ex SBK like… ever unless you absolutely know hes just gonna straight up throw and any non retarded urien will empty parry before a throw.

if an aegis is in front of you but WONT TOUCH YOU if you’re just standing, you can jump up and wall jump out of the corner.

otherwise, dont let him get momentum.

Anyone ever try hitting a aegis with RH lightning legs?