Chun Li vs Vega (claw) matchup analysis

While I like the Matchup Sticky thread, I find it very hard to find specific information in there, and people are asking more questions than answering them. Therefore i’m going to post a thread devoted to one particular matchup. I could put this in the Chun Li or Vega Character Specific Threads, but no one really goes in there, and I think this thread should apply to BOTH characters in this matchup. I wouldn’t want to put up two separate threads in those forums either, it would dilute the responses to this one (I think)… if any mod has a suggestion to me about how to go about this… I’d like to hear it.

Anyway. I play C Chun Li, and most of the time when I play Vega, he is C Groove as well.


in order to fully benefit all players, we will consider all grooves. Because this thread is dealing with one particular matchup, I think we can do that. But, instead of saying which groove, identify the Particular Sub System you’re talking about.


Instead of focusing on N chun vs P Vega…

You just just say “If Chun Li has low jump, low jump Heel stomp works really well on a Turtling Vega” so basically you’re information just applied to Chun Li in P,S,N,K grooves instead of just saying N Chun"

Also, Parrying and Just Defense are not really character specific qualities and (IMO) shouldn’t be talked about that much in a matchup analysis thread. It tends to be very abstract. “well in K groove they can just defend everything”… duh. But I don’t think that has much to do w characters matching up. Anyone else agree with me here?? Like… In any 3rd Strike thread, the “strategy” goes out the window when all there is to say is “parry it”.

Btw, Rolling, Dodging, Customs, Lvl 2 Cancels, and alpha Counters are all Character Specific, since characters possess unique versions of these which change matchups. Iori’s Roll is better than Chun’s, but his JD is not… Capiche?

Anyway, not to go on a rant there, just stating how to approach a matchup thread considering all the grooves is a good idea.

I encourage both Vega and Chun players to post here. How does Vega compete with Chun Li? What gives Vega problems? Only experts from both characters can really shed light on how the fight is supposed to proceed perfectly.
Super Turbo is a game that has all of these matches figured out… Perhaps we should apply the same effort to another game.

I will make my second post about my experiance with this fight.


I play Chun Li. First off, Vega is a small character, so stand jab, stand strong, and most importantly Spinning Bird Kick all whiff him when he’s crouching. His claw (mainly duck strong, but duck fierce too) has longer reach than Chun Li’s Stand Strong, so he can punish whiffed Stong attempts. Also, his slide usually beats out Stand Strong. This is all from my observation.

My main problem seems to be his overall advantage (IMO) in ground Priority, while also having a good advantage in the air. Since Vega jumps higher and faster, he can usually hit chun out of Jump Short or Forward, and I get air thown alot too. His Cr. Fierce and Stand RH also nail me when I resort to jumping over his claw pokes.

His defense against Cross ups seems a bit weak, but since he’s a short character, sustained pressure is hard to keep up after a sucessful cross up. If I attempt to cross him up again right afterward he just jumps backwards and hits me.

What I have going for me is (obviously) that Chun Li has a greater potential for damage due to her supers, and her Low RH seems to stuff all of Vega’s Normal Jump ins. I know some of Vega’s pokes are very unsafe… but at what range and what level super? Also… how many hits does it take to knock off vega’s claw and mask? Would it be practical to make him block a kick super to make him lose the claw/mask since he can only retaliate with 1 hit???

Thanks everyone who wants to contribute to this discussion. If I get a good response, I’ll post other specific matches.

Anyone have any match Videos of this matchup?? if you do, can you clip it to just the Chun vs. Vega part when/if you link it. If not, that’s ok too. Lol.