Chun-Li wants YOU to help lift Japan's spirits after the earthquake

No, I’m not kidding.

I hesitate to put this here, but I trust you guys will show some common sense and home training with this.

A SF cosplayer from Japan is wanting to send well-wishes from the world to the victims in Japan, and asked that people leave some in the comment section of this Youtube vid:


The subtitles are a little sloppy, being that she doesn’t really speak English. But you can get the jist. Please send well-wishes to Japan and don’t get swindled by scam orgs.

We all know that now’s the time to give monetarily, but as bleak as circumstances are in Japan right now, they could certainly use some kind words to let them know that the world cares. So please, help out in this small way.

Its probably best posted in the thread about the tsunami but I’ll move to GD and let the mods there decide what to do with it.

Well, thanks I guess, but I still think it would’ve been better served in the SSF4 section. Or any Non-GD section, for that matter…

Well it kind of worked as i wouldn’t have seen it otherwise and due to this video I’m donating. I did for the Katrina mess and such but i dunno for some reason it hadn’t crossed my mind for Japan until this video.

Yeah. This either goes in the Quake thread or the video section. I’ll let you choose. Mr Flowers, just close it next time.