Chun li with gamerfinger buttons and battop

wanna sell my chun li 220 shipped plus 3% paypal fees

Hello Papito! What condition are the R2 sticks? And which console are they for?

Sorry gonna edit the thread but they are for ps3 and they are on really good condition 1 or 2 light scratches but not noticiable and the boxes are in good condition too ill give them a 9 out of 10 overall

You still have the r2?

Yes they still up

Bump lowered prices

Bump edit and lowered prices

May be interested in that MLG stick…

that picture is not doing justice to the stick it looks better the battop matches with the last buttons

Added a new pic

Mlg sold waiting for payment
one of the round '2 on hold waiting on @density

Round two sold


Hey Papito, do you still have R2 TE available? I’m interested in one right now. Please PM me!


Bought a R2 TE, really good condition stick, looks brand new.

Can you edit the OP to show whats actually left?

Mlg back on sale since deal fell tru