Chun Li

Hi everyone,
Here is my latest piece of fanart, it’s Chun Li not particularly doing much but looking cute.

The full size image can be found here:

Comments and criticisms are welcome as usual.

Thanks for looking.

OOH, very nice man! I love the wrinkles in her garments. Great job!

Excellent coloring, simply amazing clothes. However, the neck is a bit large for a fish-eye look. Its as if the camera is focused there instead of the face.

I really enjoy seeing your stuff… you can see the improvement through the stuff you’ve posted. You’ve spread out the facial features more than you used to, and as a result it looks better.

I’m really digging this pic. That really nice smile is the centrepiece of the pic, and there’s something really engaging about it… I like how her eyes, angle of her head, and the upward lift of her lip come together – it’s subtle and really nicely done.

Nice job on the folds of cloth as usual, and good colours too. I’m not totally sold on the perspective, but the pose is good (and matches the shy smile) The bun on her head could use more volume & contrast.

keep drawing man :slight_smile:

This is you best pic up to date. Good job on the folds this time around. I agree with what everyone said so far so not much I can say except great job.

Thanks everyone for posting their comments.

Thanks alot, i’m really glad you like the folds, it took the longest time to do. I really hate doing them. It’s a fine balance with the number of folds on any one garment. I find it difficult to keep things simple especially with folds, so i tend to cram as many in as possible - it’s compostional thing.

Thank you, i’ll admit the neck a tad super-long. Thanks for pointing that out. On the subject of disproportion, i think her head is a little too big… meh.

Thanks rook, it’s nice to know that there is at least one person here that enjoys seeing my work. Means alot, thank you. I’ll be honest wasn’t completely comfortable with the perspective (as i’m sure you’ve noticed) and this isn’t a particular complex angle. Just shows how much more there is to learn and develop.

Thank you, my best pic? It definitly didn’t seem like it whilst i was colouring it. At times was almost not fun to colour. I hate my compulsive-obsessive nature. Thanks for posting.

Thanks again everyone.

Nicee… very nice!:bgrin:

I dunno if I’ve said this before, but characters drawn in a (semi)warped perspective always gets an A+ in my book.:bgrin:

I remember last time I said something about the way you draw faces that kinda bugged me. I think I know what it is already. Though I came to realise that it’s just a personal preference. It’s the way you draw the nose. They seem… pretty… narrow. Esp the… uh… nostril area. I mean if it was me, I would widen them a little, give them a little more volume.

But like I said, personal preference.

That’s all I guess. Keep on drawin n painting those nice skin tones.:bgrin:

Yo man, your coloring has gotten so much better. Everybody hit the major points but I just had to mention your coloring.

Nice Chun Li pic! All cute n stuff :slight_smile:

I totally dig the perspective, looks almost like a fish-eye lens effect without the warpy feel. Great Job! (*’.’)b

First of all, thanks to everyone who have posted their comments and for viewing in general. Sorry for the untimely reply.

Thank you. I was actually inspired by your ‘tipsy’ Cammy piece, hence the angle of the pic. Though after your little nose remark, i might just take that back. There, i said it :arazz:

Thanks, your colouring is also improving alot!

Thanks alot!

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