Chun Li.....



Starting to think this one is unwinnable :frowning:


You’re giving away space way to easily.
Also play footsies, it’s one of the easier ways in dealing with Chun-li’s that think is the answer to all.


Block more, Focus dash more, neutral jump more, clap or lk.lariat after nj. to build metre if you have space (mp.clap is safest because it has the least total frames). You were only jumping forward in the tail end of that last round. The blocked SBK probably could have been Ultra for you to.

Be wary of st.hp as an anti-air due to Chun’s> target combo so focus more so on BB, EX Lariat, cr.hp, and (5 start-up, 15 active).

Chun Li is most likely going to be in Hugo’s top 5 worst match ups.