Chun li

My Chunli followup to the Bison, Sagat, Vega earlier
similiar style

Chun li

Looks really good. It reminds me a lot of the final fantasy art style, so it was interesting to see her like that.

nice dude. Very Amano.

I was about to say very Amano style but someone had to say something haha.

Nice a different style than the bosses, but yeah you draw very professionally.

Fistoftheryustar, thanks. yea, I injected a bit of Amano into this. Ima HUGE amano fan. And really want to see how the Street Fighter Characters look in his style. was really inspired by the Black ink splashes in the teaser… so just went ahead and did it. paying tribute to SF and Amano. :slight_smile:

Agreed on the Amano style. Good show. :tup:

I’d rep you again, but it won’t let me at the moment. In any case, keep up the keep up.

nice! :tup:

looks really good:tup:

cool stuff! :tup:

Good shit man. Yeah Amano’s style is different, Im not familiar with all his work but he seems like some kind of legend. The way he draws things are so “fantasy” and “dream” like. Hazy almost. My current style is based off of the SFIII artists, but I wonder how difficult Amanos is to try. Works very well with females.

I dig it, very cool.

I wouldn’t say FF ar style, its more like some asian inspired “Geisha” type of work.
it also looks like something out of a japanese Noh play, or something. good appliances of your colors. that is Painter X, right?

Dasiatic - Thanks! it’s painter X.

I love it! Please do more sf characters :smiley:



:smiley: Very badass!!!.. I love your works…

And guess what, my name is also Edison and I also live in Vancouver (well North Vancouver to be exact)!.. So hi, Edison!..

seba_boi: thanks. rare to find another edison. the only other edison i know is the chinese singer, who also happens to be born in Vancouver and is same age as me…
so that’s 3 Edison’s in Vancouver.:nunchuck:

psychosquall: one step ahead of ya. i’m doing an epic one with all the classic SF chars in them.

Coolness… :amazed: I have heard about that Edison celebrity guy from my Chinese classmates off highschool (they also mentioned he got punched for being stuck up?) and my Spanish/French teacher told me that there’s a famous soccer player from South America (I think?) that’s also named Edison… And another classmate of mine from Mexico said his history professor from back there has the same first and last name as me… :stuck_out_tongue: So there’s my Edison story, but none of them have stepped foot on Vancouver…

(BTW, I love your background works!.. I haven’t even practiced at making backgrounds!.. Kinda busy working but that’s not a good excuse…)

awesome work you have here. the sense of fluidity really brings out your work

Sorry this thread is kind of old but I checked out your site and liked your art style a lot.


i would love to have like an entire wall full of your figure drawings and sketches.