Chun Lis anti airs



Hey guys i wanna start putting in some work with her and i was wondering what are her best aa’s and when do you use which.
Could anybody point me to where i can find info on that or list it here.thx


Her anti-airs are very situational. Depending on the opponent/character and the distance, you will find yourself using

For example, far = s. :hp: or s. :hk:

Far to mid = far s. :mk: (angled upwards kick) , or jumping :hp: x 2 (target combo) or air throw. There’s also j. hk or neutral jump j. hk (the leg split), the latter is better if your opponent jumps first/you jump later in response.

Blatant close jump ins = EX Spinning Bird (though most people know how to bait this nowadays so use with caution)

Quick video guides:



For shotos and certain other deep jumpins, you can use c. :mp: as sort of a dodge. Like so:


Most of the things demonstrated in Vanilla still work. I believe the major change was for :df: :lk: (mini flash kick-like) move. In Vanilla and old Choco Super, it was the closest she had to an all-purpose anti-air. It was especially valuable for its trade-to-Kikosho ultra properties. But for AE and v2012, it was weakened considerably, as the hitbox was weakened, and the trade tendencies are gone.


Well her best AA would have to be EX SBK. By AA I mean you see them jumping in and you’re already standing. By anti air I think you mean stuffing their jump in while you’re standing. But there are other attacks that you could kill their jump in with. Like air-to-air :hp:x2, neutral jump :hk:, neutral jump :hp:(Juggle properties, follow ups like stomps/EX Legs/U1/U2 are possible), air throw, etc. Better attacks that work for sure are the low attacks that duck under jump ins and beat them on their way down, like AA cr.:hk:, AA cr.:mp:, AA cr.:mk: (Super cancelable). It takes experience to use these anti airs by instinct, it’s pretty fun when you know you can shut down an opponent’s jump ins too haha


Thx guys I see its gonna take time getting these down.Does she have any good frame traps? all i found was this here [media=youtube]Psxy_AjUfM0[/media]

#5, c. lk, close s. hk (knee), c. lp’s (or c. lk’s) Hazanshu, and c. lk’s --> s. mp should get you started. They’re the ones I often use and often see in other Chuns. The other stuff in the above vid are follow ups to the first one.


im in love with TBH


I like too because it makes a lot jump-ins completely whiff and I find that a lot of players aren’t necessarily prepared to deal with what to do when that happens…


If they option select throw on landing, theoretically if you mistime the cr.MK you can be thrown on recovery.

Still a good tool though, but personally I’d prefer to hit them rather than make them miss lol.


I say concentrate on spacing and learn to make the most of standing roundhouse.


Having to deal with relentless jump in attacks is making me consider giving up Chun.


Any characters in particular that are giving you difficulty?


Cammy, mostly.


Zone her and keep her away, then use far. s. :hp: as your primary anti air. It’s helped me a lot in this matchup. Try not to focus attack against her, as well.


Don’t forget that Chun gets as much mileage from air to air fierce punch, air throw, and neutral jump roundhouse kick as she does from standing normal anti-airs.


Her anti-airs are very situational. Not only in spacing, but also in character, too. Go to training room and record the dummy to do the jump-in that is giving you the most trouble, and figure out the best, most practical anti-air for the situation. Mostly you will use cr. mk and cr. mp to lower your hurtbox, and thus making their attack whiff. S. Mk is good for mid range jump ins, but be careful that you aren’t holding either back OR forward, since those are both unique attacks that’ll just get you blown up. St. fp is my favorite, and I use St. hk for when I think they’re going to jump. Another anti-air option is backwash, especially since we have such a good one…but you also don’t wanna be giving them space for free.


Cammy is easy. Just don’t be scared of Cammy and corner her ass. Do lots of tech throwing because Chun has amazing grab priority. Bait Cammy’s DP moves and you’re good to punish. Cammy only wins if you make stupid mistakes (which is what I do all the time) but if you focus a bit she’s actually quite easy.

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^yeah right


If only it where that easy. Against suckier Cammy’s that would work, but the better ones aren’t spike happy and will blow you up with mixups, and for abusing crouch tech.

In v2012 it’s easier for her to get knockdowns because of the improved combos and Spiral Arrow.


you can aa cannon spike with cr. hp


close standing mk blows up cross up attempts, comes out in 4 frames as well you you can hit it fairly late. in fact most of chuns close standing mediums and hards are good aa’s and all come out in 4 frames.