Chun Li's first Boyfriend

Chun Li has received a referendum on joining a task-force to investigate Fong Man Branco Director of Customs who is suspected of corruption and ties to an international smuggling ring on behalf of her home country, the People?s Republic of China. She didn?t have to wonder why the name sounded familiar. It?s the name shared with Choi Lai Branco a bastard child of a high ranking official in Macau.
Suddenly Chun Li, helpless, is beset by a pang of regret. Inexplicable pain surfaces from god knows where. Or why. As she exit?s the National Central Bureau she pauses in the driver?s seat of her car for a moment in a vain attempt to sort it out.

She remembers Choi Lai as a poor, but incredibly intelligent young rogue
Exotic with his half Chinese-Portuguese descent, he had mastered a mainland accent that was never his. She copied the idea of the bracelets from him adding the spikes for impact. He wanted a car because racing is huge in Macau, but could never afford it.
She?s never met someone so wholesome and engaging and un-self-conscious
She was rapt listening to him say whatever was on his mind, sometimes surprising, amusing but always interesting and sometimes while he waxed rhetorical or especially intellectual she could feel the warmth between her legs as he spoke. Strangest thing. Back then he promised the world of art, he stimulated her senses, her mind, her feelings! All kinds of good feelings. Including smoking Chinese Opium for a short while.
In those days of hormonal imbalance, she would let him put his hands where he liked. One day, out of the blue she said ?I love you?. He didn?t say it back. She thought maybe it was because they were smoking opium at the time. So a second time, this time sober, she said it again but was greeted with silence. Then she regretted saying it and felt a like a fool and was hurt.

Chun Li was glad to escape from the strict rules of her home-life; until tragedy struck. shortly after, her dad died. Not long after that, it seemed just as she needed him the most Choi Lai disappeared too.

Chun Li, tough as nails like her dad before her, at times, like now, is caught off guard by a moment of insecurity, And she hates it.

In a colloquial voice through muffled windows she heard someone say ?she?s a good one, she?ll finish the job?. Could be said of Chun Li also. She has been going as far as partaking in Street Fights so as to stay undercover, A gray area in ICPO protocols. Does she believe herself when she says she was a good daughter and a good cop? Even though she has failed to find and capture her father?s killer? her father passed while she was on her rebellious streak when she was younger. She tries the mental exercise while sitting in the car seat ? I was a good daughter? I am a good cop? every time she feels a slight sink beneath her sternum like an internal buzzer signifying that she herself doesn?t believe it.

Her friends would hardly recognize the hard-woman she has become. They used to tell her that she unknowingly exudes an air of desperation around boys and sometimes teased her about her legs.
Having received the note to produce a report on Fong Man, She wonders how men can be so easily corruptible and absolve themselves of their responsibilities both to the women in their lives and to their children.

As she exit?s the car, and the anxiety begins to melt away, she looks at herself in the car window, so many years of trying to find her own style, not too commercial or campy, since she gained confidence in her straightforward demeanor and learned to be proud of her figure, she settled on provocative and tight fit, but cover-the-goods. She likes being a woman.

This is why she fights. Measuring yourself against an unforgiving, rigid rubric. She hasn?t quite figured it out but she feels she always has something to prove?to herself. She see?s this reflected in Ryu, but he?s not her type, amorously. Something hints at instability with him and besides, she has never seen footage of him actually smiling? or even angry. Love has not been the most reliable thing in her life. both of those important men are gone, however fighting has been there, her strength, her speed , her legs ?For her Father?for her sense of Duty and for the Title? of Strongest Woman in The World!